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When will chris Jericho come to the WWE?

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Chris Jericho will come back at Extreme Rules, after Wrestlemania 30.

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Will Chris Jericho come back to the WWE?

== == Chris Jericho is coming back on 11/19/07 on a edition of Raw.

Will WWE chris come back to WWE in 2012 January second?

Yes. Chris Jericho returned to the WWE on the Jan 2nd episode of WWE Raw in 2012

When is chris Jericho coming back?

Chris Jericho did not come back to the WWE before Wrestle Mania 27, researching when though, I had to improve that LIE of an answer....

Who has held the wwe intercontinental championship the most times?

Chris Jericho has held it the most times. 9 times exactlyChris Jericho

Who is going be the next WWE champion?

Maybe Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho is the current no.1 contender for the WWE title. CM Punk is the current WWE champion and is scheduled to face Jericho at the wrestlemania pay per view in April.

How To Become A WWE Superstar?

Hi, this is wwe superstar Chris Jericho. You will never make it as a wrestler. Thanks. Sorry but person above you ain't no Chris Jericho!!! you would have to go to a WWE tryout

What wrestlers are returing to WWE?

batista and chris Jericho

Who is return in WWE in 2012?

Kane And Chris Jericho

Why is Chris Jericho is an ego man?

Jericho has disrespect for legends and other wwe superstars

When is chris Jericho going toreturn to WWE?

Chris Jericho has already came back; he returned on January 9th, 2012.

Why did edge come back to the WWE?

because his tore Achilles tentent heeled + he wanted revenge on Chris Jericho

When will chris Jericho return to WWE?

summer 2011 at earliest...

Is Chris Jericho going to TNA?

no way he is strictly wwe

Why isn't Chris Jericho in WWE?

He is touring with his band fozzy

Is chris Jericho of WWE dead?

No he is very much alive

Where does Chris Jericho live right now?

Chris Jericho resides in Clearwater, Florida when not around the world doing his job wrestling in the wwe.

Who is y2j in WWE?

Chris Jericho is Y2J. It was a nickname he gave himself in 1999 when he joined the WWE

Who has left WWE recently?

the most recent person to leave wwe was Chris Jericho from raw

Does anyone like Chris Jericho?

yes i like him,he is cool at wwe.

Who is the best at WWE?

i think that chris jericho and cm punk are the best

Is chris Jericho gone from the WWE?

nope not until after summer slam

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