When will fires be fought if fire symbol 1 is displayed at an explosives location?

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for a rescue attempt.

What does a fire symbolize?

I'm not sure exactly what your asking but there is an amazing story in the bible involving fire!! Long story short. There was a debate between a group believe that there god w

What is the Symbolism of fire?

Symbolism of Fire . Below are some excerpts about the symbolism of fire. Combined with what I have added it is only a small amount of information. . I see the symbolism

What is the symbol of fire?

the symbol of fire is pretty much fire. it looks just like it. except its cartoon.

What does the fire symbolize?

In the Bible, fire and related words of burning or flaming are used figuratively in many different ways. Fire is associated with love/passion (Song of Solomon 8:6); anger/judg
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What powers explosions and fire?

Almost always oxidation, the speed of the reaction is the big difference between fire and explosions (and slower yet - the "respiration" reactions that keep you alive).