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When we stop burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and cutting down forests.

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What are the solution to slow down global warming?


What you can do to slow down the global warming or deforestation?

Slow down global warming by using less fossil fuels and electricity. Slow down deforestation by doing the opposite, afforestation, which means planting more trees.

How do more efficient electrical appliances help slow global warming?

They, in themselves, do not slow global warming. What optimistically happens is that since they are more efficient, then the need for producing more electrical energy is reduced, and that is what may slow down global warming.

Limitation of global warming?

There really aren't any limitations of global warming. Literally anything is possible if something is not done to slow down the effects of global warming.

What can kids do to slow down global warming?

you can recycle, save energy a encourage others to it too. all helps with slowing down global warming

Can coastal areas enhance or slow down global warming?


How could weather changes slow down the effects of global warming?

They can't, as weather changes (or climate changes, actually) are the result of global warming.

What is The slow rise in temperature around the earth?


How does turning off your light slow down climate change?

we save electricity, somehow helps global warming, and global warming results in climate change

What happens if humans stop burning fossil fuels?

Global Warming will slow down.

What is one way organizations are trying to slow down global warming?

Saving the rainforest.

How can afforestation stop global warming?

afforestation can not stop global warming, it can however slow down its progress by sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere.because takes in carbon dioxide

Would it be possible to reverse global warming?

Probably not. But we could take steps to slow it down.

Is global warming getting worse because of humans?

Yes. But we can prevent it, stop using fossil fuels and electricity too much and hopefully global warming can slow down.

Is anything done to help the situation in global warming?

Cutting back on the use of electric appliances will help slow down air pollution, which will slow down global warming. SAVE THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hey, that's what my shirt says right now! go figure!)

How does junk mail prevent global warming?

Junk mail means that more trees are cut down for the paper. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so trees slow global warming. If there are fewer trees, then global warming increases.

Who is against global warming?

Yes, many people are against global warming, but there is always the odd one that is all for I say we hunt them down and ask what is so good about global warming its going to kill us eventually :( Im very sad and hate global warming but if we stay clean and tidy and don't litter we should slow it down a couple of years

What are the 3 major misconceptions about global warming?

There are different points of view on global warming, as there are on many contentious subjects, but from a scientific point of view the major misconceptions about global warming held by a significant proportion of the population are:The world is not really warming; if it was warming during the last century, this has slowed down or stopped.Scientists do not really know what causes global warming.Humans could not possibly have such an enormous influence as to change the course of nature like this.If global warming is happening, there is nothing we can do now to slow down or stop the process.

What are the consequences of trying to stop global warming?

The consequences might be that we do manage to stop, or at least slow global warming. But if we don't try, then global warming definitely won't stop.

Is global warming rapid or slow changes?


How can the carbon cycle be used to slow down global warming?

The carbon cycle is the natural way of moving carbon in and out of the atmosphere. The only way it could be used to slow down global warming would be if we planted billions of trees. Trees use photosynthesis to remove carbon dioxide from the air.

Can global warming be slowed down or even stopped?

It can be slow down if people recycled and resused and turd off lights ect. ect.

What are some changes in earth's surface that are slow?

The global warming!

What would happen if the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere decreased?

Global warming would slow down a little and the world might have a future!

Is there any way to stop global warming?

No, there is no way to stop global warming, only to slow it down. We can stop global warming by stopping deforestation and by stopping fossil fueling. We have to move to renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass and biofuel).