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Season 2 of highschool of the dead will probably come out september 2011, late 2011, or early 2012. I found a rumor going around that on september 11, episode 14 might come out. this is only a rumor though, so don't get your hopes up.

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Q: When will high school of the dead season 2 come out?
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Are they going to make an episode 13 for high school of the dead?

Episode 13 has already been made in Japan but it is unknown when it will come out in America or if it will come out at all.

Is there going to be another season of high school of the Dead?


When will chapter 119 for freezing come out love that anime too much And my other question When will HighSchool of DXD and High School of Dead continue?

Chapter 119 came out on July 20th 2013 and High school dxd is already on its third season. High school of the dead will not be receiving any sequels.

When is High School of the Dead season 2 coming out?

There was only a season 1. The series ended in 2010. There are no plans to pick it up again.

When Do High School of the dead come out every week like bleach comes out every Wednesday The anime not manga?

The High School of the Dead anime airs in Japan every Monday.

When will episode 14 come out in high school of the dead?

There will not be any episode 14, as the first season only contained 13 episodes and an OVA (original video animation). It is expected that the second season will begin late this year, sometime in September.

Will there be a high school of the dead season 3?

there hasnt even been a season 2 yet, but probably if they dont finish it after the next one :D

Is high school of the Dead done?

No. The Manga is still ongoing and a second season has been confirmed for next year ^___^

Is there going to be a season 2of high school of the dead if so when will it start?

That's unlikely. I suggest you read the manga.

How many episodes of high school of the dead are there?

There are 12 episodes in High School of the Dead.

What channel is high school of the dead on?

What channel does high school of the dead be on when u have comcast

Why did they stop making high school of the dead?

they didnt stop making it. They are about to make the new season in Japan soon :D