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virtually it is impossible for the scientists to predict when the next eruption will happen

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Himalayas mountains never erupt and they will not erupt.

It depends some volcanoes erupt and then thousands of years past they will erupt again but some volcanoes erupt and will never erupt again and are dead volcanoes

The volcano wil erupt soon. The volcano is about to erupt!

No, erupt is a verb.The noun form of the verb to erupt is eruption.

the volcano will erupt when it is ready to erupt

People can predict if a volcano will erupt but not when it will erupt.

Volcanoes don't usually erupt on tectonic plates they erupt in the cracks on the sides of the plates. And they erupt as a sort of exhaust for the earth.

Because all mountains will soon erupt, and mt. shasta did and it will erupt again

What caused mt.adams to erupt?

Yes, the word 'erupt' is a verb.

they mostly erupt in Hawaii

it erupt 660 years ago

Hawaii valcanoes never will last erupt. it will erupt when it needs to or it will never erupt

Volcanoes can erupt in any climate. Climate does not affect a volcano's ability to erupt.

it wont erupt anymore because it is an extinct volcano which means not able to erupt anymore

heat and preasure make a valcanoes erupt

El Chichon erupt in 1982

The past tense of erupt is erupted.

An active volcano can erupt at anytime.

A volcano can maybe erupt again.

A volcano that is unlikely to erupt again, but may erupt someday in the future is called extinct.

When a volcano is active it will erupt. These volcanoes might take many years to erupt but will still erupt.

valcanos erupt underwater and above water so I guess that they erupt in like every minute!

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