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i dont know but i think its March this year

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Q: When will nefera de nile coming out in Australia?
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What year is nefera de nile coming out?

She will come out in 2012 in Mar. Hopefully earlier!

Where can you get Nefera de Nile from Monster High?

Nefera de Nile - Cloe de Nile's older sister - is said to be released sometime in March of 2012.

Does cleo de nile have a sister names nefra denile?

Yes, Nefera de Nile is three years older than her younger sister Cleo de Nile.

Who is the meanist Monster High?

The Cats . And Nefera De Nile

When does the Monster High doll nefera de nile come out?

March 2012

What is the name of the song that is played on the game Monster High Nefera De Nile Dress up?

omg, the name of it is... THE SONG OF DE NILE

When does monster high doll Nefera De Nile come out in stores?

She will come out in 2012 of Mar. Hopefully earlier!

What Monster High doll is the oldest?

Nefera de Nile is the oldest and tallest. She is not actually in Monster High but she used to be. She is in many webisodes such as the Mashinals section as Cleo de Nile's sister.

Will there be Nefera de Nile from Monster High?

Yes already released in europe along with toralei, Gil, and scara screams

Will there be Monster High dolls like toralei?

It already happened. Toralei, Meowlody, Purrsephone, Operetta, Nefera de Nile, and C.A. Cupid all have dolls now.

What are all the monsterhigh names?

If you mean like the characters, then they are: Frankie Stein Draculara (no last name) Claudeen Wolf Ghoulia Yelps Cleo De Nile Lagoona Blue Deuce Gorgon Spectra Vondergeist Abby Bominable Operetta Holt Hyde Jackson Jekyll Clawd Wolf Nefera De Nile Toralei

Is Mattel coming out with a bed for cleo de nile?

No. Sadly! But a vanity for her is coming out soon! But, there are rumors that there will possibly be a bed. Hope for it!