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if your period usually lasts about 28 days then that is normal just keep track on your calender and you should be good!!! just dont freak out it is nothing to stress over

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Q: When will next period start 1st day of period put on pill for 2 weeks for cyst end of that got period again. I'm usually 28day cycle. which period do I count from 1st or after 2weeks of pills?
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Had my period 2weeks ago and 2weeks later im bleeding again?

I just had a period 2 weeks ago then had sex when i got off now im spotting i dont know if it mean im pregnant or not kinda worried myself

Can you still have your period and be pregnant i am 17yrsold the condom broke 2weeks before my period and then again about 1 week before but i had a period which only lasted 4days and wasnt reg.?

You can have a light or unusual period bleed and be pregnant, yes.

2weeks ago before your period you had spotting now im bleeding again can you be pregnant?

It depends on the person. I personally don't think your pregnant

Why are you spotting 2weeks after period?

hi . i had my period Jan 21 and on the 30 i notice a light spotting when i went to the bathroom and then feb 2 i start to spot again and then shut off i have not seen it since what could this mean or just wait until my period to come down.on the 17 of feb. what do you think

The hospital told me I was pregnant and then they said it was a mistake its a month and 2weeks later and still no period I need help am i pregnant please help me out lol any answer would be great?

Go and see the doctor again and take another pregnancy test

Can Depo-Provera cause heavy bleeding?

Yes. I was on the depo shot for a year. I just stopped getting the shot in August of 08. I had my real period in oct. I bled for almost 2weeks, and it was heavy for the whole 2weeks. I've nevver had to wear an overnight pad before in my life,until now. I tried to wear a tampon, but i was changing those every 30min. I will never get back on depo again!!!!

Why am i cramping but i haven't got my period i was supposed to get my period on sep 26 and i still havent got it i had sex like almost 2weeks ago but we used a condom?

I feel ya, im suppose to have my period and i have cramping as well but no period, i have been off depo for 2 months...i'm so worried about being pregnant, i was on birth control in Sept. but dont know when to start it again, because no long have you been off Depo?

When you stop your period how long until you start again?

usually every 27 days

Why am i bleeding again if i had my period two weeks ago?

If you are bleeding, and you had your period two weeks ago, there is usually nothing to be concerned with. If your period continues to be irregular, there is medication that can be taken to help regulate it.

If you get your period this month and it lasted more than it usually last but the a week later you get it again but I am not bleeding that much what can this mean i don't take the pill?

Your period is irregular. So what.

Why are you still bleeding after your period is over with two days ago and then you started back?

I have the same thing happening to me. I had a "regular" period this month, then three or four days later I started bleeding again, very heavy, even for my period when it usually starts and the blood is bright red.

How do you know when your getting on your period and getting off?

Well usually the doctor will tell you when your going to start it. but when you do, it usually last a month for it to start again so keep track of when you started

Is it normal to have your period skip and have it again when you are eleven?

It is possible, but not typical. Usually the first actual period begins a cycle. However, there are conditions, either benign or otherwise, that can cause interruption, and there are simple tests for most of them.

Can you become pregnant 4 days before period is due?

Hmm there are only certain days a woman can get pregnant in the month.. its usually 12-14 days after your period.. that's when u start ovulating again..

What is the secret to Jud?

Press period and type the answer then press period again when you are done and start typing the petition again

If a woman is breastfeeding and stops taking a birth control how long does it usually take for her period to become regular again?

It can take a few weeks to 3 months.

If you accumulate too many points on your license it will be?

Yes, your licence can be revoked and you can be required to pass your test again in certain circumstances. Usually however you licence is revoked for a period.

What countries are considered the Western countries?

It depends on the time period you are talking about. Western countries are usually the America's canada, and Africa. Then again it depends on what time period you are talking about because it changes if your talking middle ages, WWI WWII etc...

You had your period 2 weeks ago and am bleeding again is that normal?

I had my period 2 weeks ago and am bleeding again is that normal?

When going into the last 7 days of pills how many days into those pills would a person start their period?

Its different in everyone. But usually anytime within the 7 day period and sometimes on the 1st day you start taking the pills again.

If you accumulate too many points on your license it will be removed?

Yes, your licence can be revoked and you can be required to pass your test again in certain circumstances. Usually however you licence is revoked for a period.

How long does it take to get pregnant again after pregnancy?

It all depends when you start ovulating again. You can get pregnant again without ever getting a period since the egg comes before a period. If you breast-feed your period typically comes back later.

Can you stop having a period?

Yes, you can stop having a period. The most common way occurs when a woman is older, usually her fifties or sixties, and is called menopause. In the case of menopause, your cycle will usually not begin again and it is very rare, although possible, for a woman to naturally bear children around menopausal age. Certain types of birth control can also stop, shorten or lessen the amount of times you have your period, though it will usually return if you go off that particular birth control.

If you have brown blood spoting after 5 days of the end of your period what does it mean?

It means that you're coming to the end of your period. Your cycle will begin again until your next period where it finishes and starts again.

Do women ovulate after conception?

Your period is the beginning of a new menstrual cycle. Women ovulate once a month usually about 14 days (give or take a few) after the first day of their last period. If you did conceive (become pregnant) with that ovulation, you will typically not ovulate anymore until you have had your baby and begin having a normal period again.