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Q: When will release4-1 results r09 in jntua?
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When will the JNTU Anantapur Results be out?

JNTUA has finally released the results of B.Tech 4-1 regular and supplementary Exam, today on 20th Feb 2016, after over a wait of over 2 months. All the students of JNTUA BTech are requested to visit the results portal of the official website of JNTUA to constantly get further updates in the regard of JNTUA B.Tech 3-1 Exam results Students will have to type in their details to gain access to their JNTUA B.Tech 3-1 Regular and Supply Results November / December 2015 Source:

When will be jntuh 4-1 r09 results release?


When are b-tech 4-1 results R09?

it is not in 2013 exactly results will release in 2014

When will be the jntuh ro9 4-1 results will be released?

jntuh 4-1 r09 results will be released

When will be 4-1 r09 btech results going to release?

god knows

Will they include 2-1 supplie results in promotion to 3rd year in jntu hyd?

for r09

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How many credits we have to need for the promotion of 3rd year r15 regulation anantapir jntuA?

B i ù š x x e e

How many credits require for promote third year in jntua?

this is chandrasekhar i am studying in jntu hyderabad i have only 32 credits in 2-1 it is possible to promoted in 3rd year

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