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In uniform motion.

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Q: When will the average velocity be equal to instantaneous velocity?
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When average velocity and average speed is equal?

For the instantaneous value of average velocity, average speed and average velocity are equal.

When is the average velocity is equal to the instantaneous velocity?

At a small time interval, the average velocity is approximately equal to the instantaneous velocity. However, the values of the average velocity and the instantaneous velocity approach each other , as the length of the time interval is decreased more and more.

When is the instantaneous velocity equal to avg velocity?

Mainly, when the velocity doesn't change. Also, in the case of varying velocity, the instantaneous velocity might, for a brief instant, be equal to the average velocity.

When average velocity is equal to its instantaneous velocity acceleration?

you are still. motion is at rest.

When is the average velocity equal to the instantaneous velocity?

When an object is in constant motion (when there is no acceleration). At any point in that motion the average and instantaneous velocities will be the same.

Under what conditions is average velocity equal to instantaneous velocity?

When there is no acceleration or when there is constant acceleration. When either of these cases is present, the graph of velocity versus time will be linear. When there is linear velocity, the average velocity will equal the instantaneous velocity at any point on the graph.

Is ta possible for an object to have average velocity equal to its instantaneous velocity?

Yes, yes it is

When will the average acceleration be equal to the instantaneous acceleration?

Mainly when the velocity is constant.

What will be the body said ----- velocities when average and instantaneous velocities are equal?

Uniform velocity

How is instantaneous velocity different from average velocity?

Average velocity is the average of the velocty of entire motion where as instantaneous velocity is the velocity at an instant, it may be a function of time or displacement.

Does the slope of a position time graph represent average velocity or rate of change of velocity?

The tangent at a point on the position-time graph represents the instantaneous velocity. 1. The tangent is the instantaneous slope. 2. Rather than "average" velocity, the slope gives you "instantaneous" velocity. The average of the instantaneous gives you average velocity.

What is the relationship between average velocity and instantaneous velocity?

The average velocity over an time interval is the average of the instantaneous velocities for all instants over that period. Conversely, as the time interval is reduced, the average velocity comes closer and closer to the instantaneous velocity.

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