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We're waiting for the 5th book to come out on July 23, 2009 - The Magykal Papers will be a full colour complementary book to the collection, still in preparation.

Syren is known to be the Series Sequel #5 - to be released in autumn 2009

my brother already bought syren for me. So it is released in England.

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What will the fifth Septimus Heap book supposedly Fyre be about?

The Fifth book is Syren

When does septimus heap book 5 come out?

The fifth Septimus Heap book came out September 29th, 2009. It is called Syren. I REALLY want to get it!

When is the fifth Septimus Heap book coming out?

It's already out. It's called Syren.

What will the sixth septimus heap book be called?

The sixth Septimus Heap book will be called Darke

What is the forth book in the septimus heap series?

The forth book in the septimus heap series is Queste

Is it almost time for septimus heap book five to come out?

The fifth book came out a while ago.

When will septimus heap book five come out?

Septimus Heap book five is called Syren and is out. It came out in October.

What year is septimus heap set?

Septimus Heap series is set in the year 12,004 by the end of the final book "Fyre" released April 16, 2013

What is the seventh septimus heap book?

The seventh novel in the Septimus Heap series is Fyre by Angie Sage.

What is septimus heap book 6 about?

Septimus heap book six is about a darkness that invades the castle, Jenna notices it, but septimus is too busy to help. In this book, jenna becomes a witch and Septimus is starting his darke week

When did Septimus Heap book 6 come out?

The sixth book, Darke, was released on June 7, 2011.

When will the 5th septimus heap book called SYREN be released in the US?

I belileve it is to be released in Septiember 2009

What is the 4th septimus heap book?


Is septimus heap an adventure book?

an adventure/magic book

What is the 6th septimus heap book called?


What is the 4th septimus heap book called?


When will the sixth Septimus Heap book be released?

Hopefully, June 5 Canada, June 1 USA.

When will the 7th Septimus Heap book be released?

It will be realised Start of 2013 (That might just be in America though)

When is Septimus heap book 5 coming out?

The fifth book, Syren, will be published in the fall of 2009, not in the summer. In the Spring of 2009 will be published another book in the Septimus Heap series: The Magykal Papers. You can see details of Syren and the Magykal Papers on Angie Sage's page on Wikipedia:

Where is the fifth septimus heap book available?

Well, when it comes out September 29, 2009, it'll be available in just about every bookstore in the US.

Is there to be a septimus heap book 6?

Yes, it will be called Darke.

What is the 4th book in the septimus heap searies called?


When does septimus heap book six come out?

April 2011

What is septimus heap book 8 going to be called?

It is called

Is there a 6th Septimus Heap book?

Yes, there is going to be a 6th and a 7th book.

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