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Q: When will the final year bsc examination-2009 of calicut university start?
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When did start the first year ba exam 2009 of calicut university exam?

I'm not sure of the answer, but it would be better worded as: When did the 2009 first year BA exam at Calicut University start? Does the university have a website with the dates?

When did start the second year bcom exam 2009 of calicut university exam?

may 7th 2009

How can you get the first year bcom hallticket of Calicut University?

when the 1st year bcom exam start?pls answer.

When will start calicut university bsc maths first year examination?

Second Semester B Sc Mathematics commenced from 29/05/2012.

When does degree final years exams start of bsc final year osmania university.?

from 25th April

When will BA final exam 2013 university of the Punjab start?

25th of april zia

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Time table osmania university supplementary 2009?

please could u tell me the time table of final year supplementary 2009. Please could you let me know when does the supplementary exams of final year exams are going to start

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When will the final year BA honours exam start?

whenwill be the final year b.a literature exams going to start cani know the dates please?

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When start LLB exam time table maharishi dayanand university?

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