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When will the iCarly TV series end?


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There is no confirmation date of when the series will end.


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No as of January/18/2010, the childrens television series "Icarly" is still on the air

Nathan Kress plays the character Freddie in the television series iCarly.

Jerry Trainor plays Spencer on the television series iCarlyJerry T

November 2012 Proof:

iCarly is a show, not a person, therefore it does not have a phone number.No. iCarly is a television series and not a person.WikiAnswer does not give out private information for anyone.

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It's not scheduled to end yet.

The episode of iCarly that is right after "iOMG," is called "iParty with Victorious" Both of the episodes are from the fourth season of the television series.

Parade's End - TV series - was created in 2012.

Land's End - TV series - was created in 1995.

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Me TV - TV series - ended on 2001-01-05.

no. i wish we could but i read it is only made for the tv series icarly and victorious.

Freddie Benson is around 14 years old in the television series iCarly. The actor who plays Freddie (Nathan Kress) is 16 years old.

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