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The new island on Moshi Monsters has been released.

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New Moshi Monsters magazines are released approximately every four or five weeks.

Moshi Monsters has said that they will release a new Super Moshi Mission about every five weeks. Watch the Daily Growl for the latest information!

No, you do not have to be a member on moshi monsters to get new houses.

It will come out when you see a new moshling in your zoo.

This answer is difficult to answer because it will always be changing. Information about new Moshlings can be found in the Daily Growl on the Moshi Monsters web site.

No. Moshi Monsters was going on before the new bin. Bin Weevils copied Moshi Monsters.

To get super seeds on Moshi Monsters you have to be a member.

She is a new blogger on Moshi Monsters and a item guru.

You can have as many Moshi Monsters as you want, but you have to start a new Moshi Monsters membership account for each one.

To keep the game interesting, Moshi Monsters will continue to add new moshlings. Read the Daily Growl for information on any new moshlings as they are released on Moshi Monsters.

There are no cheat codes for Moshi Monsters. Cheating is not allowed on Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters does give out Secret Codes as part of the game. Watch the Daily Growl on Moshi Monsters for information about Secret Codes.

No. Moshi Monsters was made in London, England, UK.

Quite a lot of people, since the new Moshi Mission has come out; nearly all active Moshi Members have obtained CocoLoco.

No, there are only 6 Moshi Monsters to choose from on Moshi Monsters. However, you can collect Moshlings, but the number of Moshlings changes as they continue to add new Moshlings to the Moshi Monsters game.

To get a house on Moshi Monsters, you have to be a paid Moshi Member, then go to Ooh La Lane and go into the New Houses shop.

You can not give names to the moshling on Moshi Monsters. However, sometimes Moshi Monsters will host a contest for designing new moshlings. Watch the Daily Growl for information about Moshi Monsters contests!

Well you just go to google and type in moshi Monsters Adoption

As of October 2012, there is no Moshlng named Bloomer on Moshi Monsters.

The Moshi Monsters Golden Tickets codes have expired.

Moshi Monsters adds new monsters all the time, releasing several at one time, although you may not be able to get all of them at the time they are released. Watch the Daily Growl on Moshi Monsters as they will give information about new monsters there.

Cheating is not allowed on Moshi Monsters. Houses are only available to paid Moshi members.

No, Moshi Monsters does not end. The creators of Moshi Monsters will continue to add levels and other new things to the game to keep the users playing the game. Moshi Monsters could end if Mind Candy (the company that owns Moshi Monsters) shuts it down.

Having a castle has nothing to do with how many rooms you can have on Moshi Monsters. Free Basic Members can only get one room on Moshi Monsters. Paid Moshi Members may have up to five rooms on Moshi Monsters.

The lastest new Moshling on Moshi Monsters is Tingaling the Kitten of Good Fortune. New Super Moshi Missions should be released soon with more new Moshlings available.

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