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When the spaceships come to mechanize our brains! Hide while you still can! O_O


You can watch an alien movie. :3 i said can you see aliens

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Did astronaut see aliens in space?

Depends on your meaning of "aliens"

Did Armstrong see aliens when he landed on the moon?

No, he definitely did not see any aliens, and that is final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but he did see martians, millions of them, with guns.

How do aliens get to space?

there are aliens in philippines they see a alien and they have a pictures and video they see ofo fly away.

Do drugs allow you to see aliens?

No, but it you have hallucinations.

Why do you see aliens in inkblot tests?

Any psychologist worth the price of their couch would return your question with, "Why do YOU THINK you see aliens in your inkblot tests?".

Is there a 2nd aliens movie?

'Aliens' is considered the second in the film franchise . ~ see related link below .

Are aliens the guardians of earth?

tricky question this one. but i think we have no protection with aliens because for one, aliens have never set foot in this planet (see details about this

Were egiptions aliens?

build a time machine and see

Will there be an aliens in the attic 2?

Yes there will be and I want to see it

What will you see when you get to mars?

Craters, rocks, and aliens maybe.

How do the aliens from aliens vs predator see?

They can't, they have special noses on the tip of it's head and they have a brilliant sense of smell!

Are aliens involved in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

No, Aliens are not involved in this movie Did you see this movie? Of course aliens are involved in this movie . . . I don't want to throw the end, But yes aliens appear complete with space ship!

Why is the government lying to us about aliens and why don't they tell us about their under ground bases?

They aren't. There is no evidence for the existence of aliens and certainly no ground bases. Because they don't want people to know what they do with the aliens and where they are because then we would go try and see the aliens and ruin their experiments with the aliens.

What do spacemen eat in space?

aliens from lang see my on facebook

What is a sentence for attic?

did you ever see movie aliens in my attic

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