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When will your cat give birth?

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2014-03-13 16:21:26

  • Usually a day or two before mama cats give birth, the belly

    drops -- not just a little but a lot. The kittens that she is

    carrying inside are really moving. You can place your hands on both

    sides of her belly and you can feel them moving.

    The mama cat will also be very uncomfortable when trying to lie

    on her side. Sometimes, they also yowl as if they were in pain and

    try to get you to follow them to a dark place... like under the

    dresser or in the back of the closet. If it is the first time for

    the kitty, she may have a need for you to be there. Sometimes they

    will go around in circles until the kitten starts to appear and

    then the mama starts to clean them. But sometimes the kitten needs

    to be placed under mama's nose so she can clean them. Sometimes,

    after she has had one, she will get into the going around in

    circles thing that she does not realize she is walking on the first

    one, so you may need to move the baby out of her way but where she

    can still see it. After the baby is born but before mother cat

    removes the embryonic bag; when the baby comes out, there should be

    a thin cord that attaches the baby to some afterbirth, which mama

    should basically chew the cord and eat the afterbirth. If you can,

    fix her up a box in a dark place AWAY from noise and kids, cause it

    can make her nervous.

  • Your cat will pace around acting restless, maybe mewing in

    distress. She may even try to sit on you; try not to let her do

    that, because she may start having the kitten there and anything

    she's sitting on will be ruined. Try giving her an old jumper to

    lie on if she tries to sit on you. Other than that, she will simply

    find somewhere private, where you should NOT interrupt her.

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