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I can't think of any time that you would "accidently" touch sperm. Really can't you.

2012-05-24 08:47:40
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Does sperm on the vagina lead to pregnancy?

It can do, but not always. Some people may get pregnant the first time, for others it can take years of trying. If you have accidentally had contact between sperm and the vagina it would be a good idea to get the morning after pill now.

Does sperm die once its touch?

No. It lives for a time outside the body & they are miniscule. You won't get them all.

Does Black mens sperm last the same amount of time in a woman as a White mens sperm?

No. Whites are better swimmers than blacks. If sperm had legs then that would be different.

Which time did i get pregnant the time he sperm in me or pulled out?

when the sperm reached your egg...

Why does cursor jump around while typing?

If you are using a laptop with an external mouse, but accidentally turned on the touch pad, you could be hitting against it with your thumb. Happens to me all the time!

Can you inseminate yourself with sperm that landed on your skin?

Wow that was an very good question and one that can be disputed by many experts. But I'll just give you an example from my experiances. See I know this girl Katie who is a runner, and she had this same problem, since she was a sperm whale she had to deal with sperm all of the time, she did have problems with being accidentally inseminated. Just my 2 cents.

Why does the male produce so many sperm?

Nature wants you to reproduce, the vagina is a somewhat hostile place for sperm trying to survive, and they have a distance to travel, if only one sperm at a time was released from ejaculation then the chances of getting pregnant would be virtually nil and the human race would die out. Also sperm die after a time even in the scrotum so they are continually replaced.

Do clones have identical babies?

No, even if it were possible for 2 cloned females to drop identical eggs at the right time, they would still be fertilised by different sperm. If it was considered possible for cloned males to have identical sperm, those 2 sperm would both have to beat millions of other sperm to get to the cloned eggs.

If your a vegetarian for 1 yr and accidentally eat meat do you have to reset that time?

i wouldn't say you would have to reset time.but you would have to cleanse your body.such as detoxing.

How many sperm are produced at one time?

millions of sperm

What if dad is high on cocain at the time of conception?

all it means is that his sperm would have swum backwards

Why metals are useful for tools?

Because metal conducts electricity, so if you accidentally touch electric stuff, you get shocked and knocked on your butt or killed so yo know better next time.

Why would Engine rev when clutch is pressed?

The engine might rev up when the clutch is pressed if the driver is still pushing slightly on the gas pedal during normal shifting. It is also possible for the driver to accidentally touch the brake and the gas at the same time without realizing it.

Does sperm kill itself off if not ejaculated?

After a period of time if sperm is not ejaculated it will die and be digested back into the body , the same as would happen with any dead cells .

If you take out sperm in the age of 15 years then the growth would be stopped?

The growth of the 15-year-old would not be stopped, no. It would have no effect on the boy producing the sperm. Sperm themselves are fully formed upon creation. They are very simple chemically and do not "grow" the way complex organisms do. A male body creates new sperm all the time, continuously. Any that are removed, if kept alive, would be viable.

What happens to stored sperm after vasectomy?

Stored sperm is frozen in liquid nitrogen for the possible time that the male in question would like to have a baby of his own, and then the female in question would have to undergo IVF treatment as the sperm has been removes from the mans body and cannot be replace for normal sex.

Why do birds not get shocked on power lines?

They would have to touch something else at the same time.

How do you prevent the trunk from opening if you lightly touch the remote trunk release button?

The only answer to that is to not touch the remote release button. If it is in a place where you accidentally touch it all the time get one of those litle lids from a wd40 can ( or something like it ) and cover the switch. A piece of tape will hold it down from one side, and you can just flip it up to use the button.

Does the sperm come from one testicle at a time?

No, the sperm comes from both testicles.

What would touch the ground first a feather or an paperclip?

In a vacuum they would reach the ground at the same time (assuming they are released at the same time and from the same height). When not in a vacuum, however, air resistance is acting on both items - and so the paperclip would touch the ground first.

Who wrote Every Time You Touch?

Cascada wrote Every Time You Touch.

Can lesbians conceive a child by injecting sperm from a condom?

Probably not because the sperm has a certain amount of time before it dies. Its a living organism. Lesbians can have the man they choose to take the sperm to a bank and follow the instructions of the applicator. They could try to use to the applicator that has the sperm in the condom in it, but that would be unlikely.

Can you face time on ipod touch 1 generation?

that would be faceless time because 1g dont have camera so, no

Do they sell iPod touch 5th generation in Macy's?

maybe, i checked last time and it didnt have it but maybe this time it would

What happens to sperm if they stay in testicles for a long time?

They will be "recycled" and more sperm will be formed.