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Q: When writing the research report the findings of statistical analyzes are typically reported in what section?
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What biological findings have been reported at the K-T boundary?

Malay ko

A group's reported are more likely to become equal to the statistical probability of loss?

the larger the group, the more likely the statistical probability of loss will be equal

When a statistical average is reported in the news it is most important for readers to do what?

For atypical cases that may destort the average

What are the definitions of means medians and modes Give an example of each that is reported in a health care organization Are measures of dispersion typically reported as well -- why would they b?

Are measures of dispersion typically reported as

How many micropolitan statistical areas were there by June 2000?

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 560 micropolitan statistical areas and 362 MSAs had developed in the United States, as well as 5 micropolitan statistical areas and 8 MSAs in Puerto Rico, by June 2000.

How long does bad debt stay on your credit report?

Typically, it's reported for seven years, except for bankruptcy, which is reported for ten years.

What is the sentence of comittee?

Committee has two m's, two t's and two e's. The committee reported their findings to the head of the church. Any group can create committees.

Which type of damage are typically reported as single coordinate damage?

Craters, camouflet and UXO

When you say the temperature in the US is it in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

In the US, temperatures are typically reported in Fahrenheit

Would a marriage in Mexico automatically be reported to the US if one of you are a US citizen?

Marriages are not typically reported. The records can be supplied if needed and if someone makes the inquiry.

What is the relationship between levels of confidence and statistical significance?

The connotation 'statistical significance' takes into account the number of samples as well level of confidence in making a conclusion based on these samples. The level of confidence is typically denoted as 1-alpha (1 minus alpha), where alpha is basically the chance that the reported conclusion will incorrect. The most popular level of confidence is 95%, which coincides with a 5% alpha, meaning that when one makes a conclusion based on a particular sample, there is a 5% chance of a false or incorrect conclusion.

What is the sentence with a word sheet?

Jody smelt her newly washed bed sheet when it has come out of the wash and then reported her findings by answering questions on WikiAnswers based on the effectiveness of the washing powder she used.