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When yea did sterling silver stop being marked with 925?


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Sterling silver has not stopped being marked 925 (meaning 92.5% pure silver). This mark is still used today.

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The last year for silver U.S. dimes was 1964.

It really depends. A quick guide of them are: US: pre-1964 dimes, quarters and half dollars are 90% silver. Half dollars struck 1965-1970 are 40% silver. UK: pre-1920 coinage is sterling (92.5% silver) 1920-1946 coinage is 50% silver. Australia: Pre-1945 is sterling, 1945-1963 are 50% silver, the 1966 50 cent coin is 80% silver. Canada: pre-1920 is sterling, 1920-1967 is 80% silver, 1967-1968 is 50% silver (HOWEVER, some 1968 coins are magnetic and 100% nickel. Check all 1968 coins with a magnet! Many are not silver!)

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