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When youre working out your biceps youre strengthening the muscles that primarily move what bone?

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Q: When you're working out your biceps your strengthening the muscles that primarily move what bone?
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When you're working out your biceps you're strengthening the muscles that primarily move what bone?


Muscles that move bones is?

The muscles that primarily move bones are the skeletal muscles, such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, abdominals, etc.

What muscles are used to do a pull up?

a lot primarily: biceps Lats brachioradialis

What muscles you use in chin ups?

Biceps and Lats primarily, along with a lot of support from the forearm and shoulder muscles.

How do you get better at armwrestling?

You can get better at arm wrestling by strengthening your biceps and triceps muscles. You can do this by lifting weights and doing pull-ups.

Which muscle are you working when you do pull-ups?

biceps mostly Biceps (Chin ups are the best for these), lats, shoulders, back muscles and the forearms.

Which is an example of muscles working against each other to contract and extend?

Biceps and triceps

Where are the biceps femoris muscles?

The biceps femoris are the large muscles in the back of the upper legs, where they connect to the hamstring tendons.(Similarly, the biceps or biceps brachii, are muscles of the upper arm.)

How often should you do muscles strengthening exercises?

as often as you can. don't exercise the same major muscles everyday though. they need rest. example, monday you work back and biceps. then Tuesday do legs.

Where are your biceps found?

Your biceps are found in your muscles

Do abdominal trainers also work on your biceps?

Yes they do. When you are working with weights for your biceps, it also has effect on your stomach muscles. This is getting two workouts for one.

What do press ups do?

Exercise your triceps brachii muscles, primarily. They do not give you bigger biceps, although done properly they will exercise muscles in your back and abdomen as well.

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