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Take it out and measure it if your piercer didn't tell you. 16g-1.2mm 14g-1.6mm . Its probably one of those but if it isn't look up a gauge-mm conversion.

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Q: When you've had your labret pierced how do you now what size bar to get when wanting to change it as theere are different sizes?
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What is it called when you get the middle of your lip pierced?

a labret piercing

What sized labret bar do you get when you get your lip pierced?

a 16g

When youve had your labret pierced how do you now what size bar to get when wanting to change it as theere are different sizes?

Its usually 16ga but some piercers don't go smaller than 14ga. You can either call your piercer and ask or just measure it yourself. 16ga is 1.2mm and 14ga is 1.6mm.

Can you get a vertical labret piercing if you already have your labret pierced?

Yes a vertical labret is on the lip surface to the lip edge, a labret is on the lower lip below the lip edge so having the two should not be an issue.

Which hurts more lip or tongue percing?

well i have not had my lip pierced but i have had the Labret which is very close to the lip and i have my tongue pierced you cannot feel your tongue being pierced, but its almost immpossible to eat for about a week . The labret hurt like hell though.

Can a lip be pierced with a barbell?

Lips are pierced with barbells all the time, generally bent barbells for vertical labret piercings.

Can you get a vertical labret piercing in an existing labret pierced?

No. Vertical labrets don't touch the inside of your mouth at all. The holes wouldn't match up.

What if a lip is pierced through the lip itself?

Yes it's called a vertical labret

If you get snakebites with labretes can you change them to rings?

Of course! You're originally pierced with labret studs to accommodate the swelling and to ensure that the piercing will stay straight, but after the initial healing time (6-8 weeks) you can change them to rings if you'd like. :)

Can a side labret cause lip numbness?

For a short time after it's pierced, it might feel numb or tingly. It's not normal if you've had it pierced for quite awhile and it's still numb.

What gauge is used for a Monroe piercing?

It really depend on where you get it pierced cause different place use different sizes unless if you want it to be a certain size. Typically a Monroe, Madonna or Medusa are all done with a 16g micro labret stud.

Where is your labret located?

Labret is french for lip

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