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Please be more clear in your question as I have absolutly no idea what you are saying (10 handicap)

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Is a handicap of 5 good?

no its not that is really bad u need a double digit answer

How do you use your handicap when playing stableford rules?

Normally you would play stableford against your personal par, so you would alter par according to your handicap. So if you had a 25 handicap you would add 1 to par on the 11 easiest holes and add 2 on the 7 hardest holes.So a double bogey on the #1 handicap hole would score like a par and score two points, a par on the #18 handicap hole would score like a birdie and score three points, while a triple bogey on the same hole would score like a double and score zero.See Rule 32.

What is a easy way to get money in uncharted 2?

Using BOH's (Badges of Honor, Negative boosters) they might handicap you, but they give serious cash if you use them. Also, by playing in double cash weekends.

Is your golf handicap adjusted if you are disqualified?

Yes,strange as it may seem,it´s a double punishment

Is the song say nothing by Example supposed to be a double negative?


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It was supposed to be a "spell" they were doing.

What actors and actresses appeared in Playing Double - 1923?

The cast of Playing Double - 1923 includes: Dick Hatton Ethel Shannon

How does system double perrier work in golf scoring?

Guidelines on Handicap CalculationCompetition Format: The famous Japanese "Double Perrier" system to determine the winner.1. Select 12 holes for calculation of handicap. This may be done by a lottery after the play.2. Handicap (HD) is 36 or less and determined by the following equations:HD is the summation of the each selected 12 hole's handicap (HDeach) multiplied by the ratio of total sum of par of the course against the total par of the selected 12 holes and further multiplied by 0.9 (handicap ratio) or 36 whichever the small.i.e.,HD=MIN(0.9*(sum of HDeach *(sum of par of the course/sum of par of the selected 12 holes), 36)2.1 HDeachhandicap of each selected hole (HDeach) is Zero or (HDeach-calc) whichever the larger.i.e., HDeach=MAX ( HDeach-calc, 0 )This means HDeach is always 0 or more. If you hit eagle or birdie at the hole, you will get a advantage (never make handicap minus)2.2 HDeach-calcHDeach-calc is the par number of the hole or (the score of the hole minus the par number of the hole) whichever the smaller.HDeach-calc=MIN( par of the hole, (score -par of the hole) )This means HDeach-calc is always equal to or less than the par number of the hole. If you hit more than double of the par number at a hole, the part of your score more than double of the par number of the hole is not taken into account the handicap and disadvantage of you. Do not hit too much.3. Advantages of winnersFor honor of the winners, in addition to the calculation as described in paragraph 2 above;The handicap of the winner of the last session is HD-3, andThe handicap of the winners of the past sessions is HD-2.

How do you calculate points under System 36?

System 36 (For Open Amateur Competition when handicap is not available) During the game player carries no handicap. - For a par or better, the golfer will gets 2 points, - for a bogey will gets 1 point - No point for double bogey or worst. System 36 normally followed by either stroke play or stable ford with the 'handicap' obtained after the game using System 36 method. Example: If a golfer bogeys all the hole, his total point is 18 , so 36-18 = 18 his handicap is 18; if a golfer pars all the hole, his total is 36 thus 36-36 = 0....his handicap is 0

What is the difference between a single coated German Shepherd and a double coated German Shepherd?

According to to the AKC, German Shepherds are supposed to have a double coat.

What is the name for playing two or more notes at the same time on the violin?

Double Stop

What are the rules in playing mixed double badminton?

no reason

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before or after a DOUBLE BAR

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Why is it important to double check the bottom of the heat sink before attaching it to the CPU socket?Why is it important to double check the bottom of the heat sink before attaching it to the CPU socket?Why is it important to double check the bottom of the heat sink before attaching it to the CPU socket?

What is Nfk1 in hotel description?

N=Non-smoking f=Non-handicap-accessible k=King sized bed 1=One bed in the room Other elements: P=Handicap consideration, may be handrails, walk-in shower... Q=Queen sized bed D=Double sized bed S=Smoking allowed in room

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Double stopping is the action of playing two notes at the same time on an instrument.

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our computer power doubles every 18 months

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What does the oboe have for a mourhpiece?

The oboe's mouthpiece is the reed at the top that you take out and put in before playing. This reed makes it a double-reed instrument because of the two pieces of bamboo that form the majority of the reed.

If handicap is over 36 how is that handled?

Simply you get two shots per hole, so a double bogey effectively becomes your par. Whatever your gross score is, you take away 36 and that is your nett score.

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no it wont be considered as double time

How many dominoes come in a set if you are playing with double 9's and double 12's?


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