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When you buy a new or used car how long do you have to get insurance?


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You must have insurance on the vehicle as soon as you purchase it. The nice part though, is that, if you already have an insurance policy for another vehicle, or if you are on a family policy and someone else in the family has a car with insurance, and you are listed as a driver on the family policy, that company will most likely cover your new auto purchase for a 15 day period, sometimes even a 30 day period. Check with your insurance agent for exact times as they vary with each company


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You need insurance the very moment you drive the car off the lot.

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Nowadays, the demand for used cars has grown in leaps in Malaysia. Car insurance plays a major role in buying a used car. If you are also purchasing a used car, then you need to understand the insurance policy terms and conditions of the used car. When you buy a used car in Malaysia, there are certain things you should know to purchase insurance for your car. For examples:- Check Insurance Papers Transfer insurance policy ownership Buy a new insurance policy if previous owner does not have one

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Insurance is not required to buy a car. It is only needed in some jurisdictions to operate said vehicle.

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As with any Insurance Company, as long as you registered the car with your car insurance company, then you are covered either same day or next billing cycle. Usually same day.

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As long as she owns the car, has a license, and can afford the insurance she can buy it.

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