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jesus what kinda of question is that..............yes

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Directv remote codes?

Which one is the code for gpx TLS1920 on directv

What are the Emerson lc320em81 codes for directv?

11864 with directv remote model RC65RX. All tv functions work with this remote.

What is the Directv remote code for tanbo?


What are the codes for a directv remote for a Sylvania tv?

If you are using the universal remote control provided by directv, try these codes 10054, 10030, 10171.

Does Emerson Jumbo Universal remote work on DirecTv?

No.... it will not work on Directv products. The code for mine is 202, but it is blocked by Directv from controlling it.

Do DirecTV offers replacement for their remote for free of charge or I have to pay for the new remote?

If you are part of the DirecTV Protection Plan I believe they will replace your remote for free - just call their customer service. If you're not, then you can order a new remote for $15.00 from their website.

What is the directv remote code for a FAVI model tv?

what is the direct remote code for a favi tv

How much does the directv remote cost?

At walmart it costs $22.88

What is the directv remote code for insignia tvs?

Try 10463

What is the code for directv tivo R10 with directv remote rc23?

You need a newer remote control. RC34 is the best and you can get it in Ebay for like $8.00 dollars or for $20.00 Good Luck!

How do you program your hct tv to a universal remote?

i have hct tv model HPP_42HCB i need the code for the remote Directv remote rc65rx

What is the Directv remote code for the sony ct100 sound bar?


What is Sony remote control code for directv hr 22?

I need code remot control directv box Model DSX-5500

What is the code for Emerson tv model ewt2721 using the directv remote?

Use the sylvania codes. That worked for my motorola remote.

What are the codes for a seiki tv for directv remote control?

10178 worked for me with 55" Seiki and direct tv remote RC65.

How do you program an LG TV remote with DirecTV?

You need to be more specific with the model of your remote control, you can find it on the top left corner of the remote or in the batteries compartment

TV code for vizio for directv remote?

I have a Vizio VO22LF monitor. The remote code we used for DTV remote was 10056. It's a Hitachi code.

Has anyone figured out how to make the sentry big remote work with DirecTV?

It nay not be possible. The Sentry may not have the DirecTV codes stored in it. You'd probably be better off trying to get the Direct remote set up to take its place.

What are the remote codes for a viore for directv?

model led32vh30 rc64 direct tv what is the code

What are the Cielo TV codes for a Directv remote?

Samsung code will work, 10812 on mine.

What is the system called that allows you to put your directv receiver in a separate location and still allows communication?

A remote operating in the RF mode, the remote can control the DirecTV box through walls and doesn't need to be in the same room as the box. A nice feature.

What is the code for Hyundai TV's?

Found that Samsung code worked on my DirecTV remote for my Hyundai TV.

Where can one purchase a DIRECTV Universal Remote?

DIRECTV universal remotes can be bought from a number of electrical stores, such as Best Buy. They can also be purchased second-hand from sellers on eBay.

What is the universal remote code for ewd2004?

The code for Emerson EWD2004 remote control to operate the VCR section is " 21593". Has to be used with a universal remote that allows a "5 digit code" such as directv remotes.

What channel does smackdown come on directv?