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you can catch registeel even before battling the elite four. i would suggest before because he can become a great Pokemon in your team same goes for regice and regirock.

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What is the best pokeball to catch registeel?

The best pokeball to catch registeel is a repeat ball if you have owned a registeel before trust me it will work wonders for you i caught registeel with a repeat ball without even weakning it.

How do you catch registeel in FireRed?

Trade registeel from ruby,sapphire or emerald to firered.

Where you can catch registeel in crystal version?

Registeel doesn't exist in crystal version.

Can you catch registeel in Pokemon FireRed?

no you can not

How can you catch registeel in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Only ruby, sapphire and emerald can catch registeel trade one from those games to leafgreen.

Where to get registeel LeafGreen?

Registeel is not catch able in Pokemon LeafGreen. In order to get a Registeel you will need to trade for one from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

Why do you need a wailord to catch a registeel in emerald?

You do not need a Wailord to catch a Registeel in Pokemon Emerald. You may need a Wailord or any other water-type Pokemon to surf to the place where you catch Registeel, but other than that, you don't need a Wailord.

How do you catch registeel without a masterball?

with a ultraball

Can you catch the regirock and registeel even if you beat them?


Can you catch a registeel on platnium?

no you have to migrate all 3 in order to catch reigegigsis

How do you catch Registeel in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You can not catch Registeel in these games. You have to catch him and the other regis on Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire and migrate them to Pal park your wrong go to route 228. there you will find it.

What ball to use to catch registeel?

master ball

Do you have to catch Mesprit and the two others before you can catch Regigigas?

no you have to get regirock regiice and registeel

How do you catch legendary Pokémon on Pokémon sapphire?

Differnt ways there are regiice registeel and registeel and groundon etc. search them on google

Can you catch regirock regice and registeel in Pokemon soul silver?

no you can, you most catch it in Pokemon emerald

Can you get regigigias without the regis?

Sorry but you have to catch Regice, Registeel and Regirock in order to catch Regigigas.

How do you catch registeel in Pokemon platinum?

beat elite 4

What do you do with relicanth and wailord after you catch regice registeel and regirock?

train them

How do you catch regigigas in platinum?


How do you catch registeel with regigigas in platinum?

that doesnt make sense

How do you catch regirock regice and registeel in solsilver?

You cannot. You will have to trade it.

How do you catch Registeel in Pokemon black?

You can not capture him in pokemon black

Where do you catch Registeel in Pokemon Ranger guardian signs?


What moves should registeel have?

When you catch Registeel at Ancient Tomb, it will be at level 40 and know Metal Claw, Curse, Superpower and Ancientpower.

Where to catch registeel in Pokemon Pearl?

you can only get it from ruby/emerald/sapphire. i suggest cloning a registeel in emerald and then send the clone to pearl

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