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if changing the fuel filter, and it still stalls out. you have a problem with the fuel not getting to engine.


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Still won't start? Does that mean it didn't start before you replaced the filter? Obviously it wasn't the filter. Get back to basics. Test for spark and fuel. A filter is almost never the cause of a no-start.

remove fuel pump fuse. then start engine it will stall when fuel runs out change filter then replace fuse.

The first real indicator is that you start losing power. Most recommend you change your fuel filter every 15,000 miles. Some later vehicles have a fuel filter that cannot be serviced because it is inside the tank but most still use an external filter. No manufacture recommends a 15,000 fuel filter change. No way should you waste your money changing a fuel filter every 15,000 miles unless the engine is a diesel. Change it every 36,000 miles if it is a replaceable filter and you will be just fine.

It depends on how much you drive it. It could also depend on what type of fuel you use. You should change the fuel filter between 30,000 miles clear up to 100,000 miles. or if your car does not start and there is no fuel in the filter, then you can change it then.

It sounds like its not getting fuel. Could be clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump.

Change the fuel filter first. If that doesn't help, change the fuel pump.

check the fuel filter first replace then still a problem , listen for a humming or whine on fuel tank if none change the pump

change the fuel filter as it might have got plugged up and if it still won't start there is a schrader valve on the fuel rail that you might have to bleed as there could be a air lock in the fuel line.

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Yes it could. Change the fuel filter first then do a fuel pressure test, it should have 41 to 47 psi.

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Yes it can.... if the fuel is so cold it will start to get wax crystals in it. Therefore the engine is not getting enough fuel and you will lose power and is clogging up your fuel filter. Other reasons can be clogged air filter, fuel filter, or water in fuel. Change the air filter and drain the fuel filter or change it if it's a year old or worse older.

No, they do not have a fuel filter you can change, the filter is part of the fuel pump.

Most likely the fuel filter is plugged up from gas tank sediment. Change the filter.

bleed the fuel and then start or manualy fill the new fuel filter and then try it

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