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When you cough and get pain below the right rib cage, it can be caused by a pulled muscle. Only your doctor can give you a correct diagnosis.

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What causes pain below the ribcage?

Question not very precise, but pain below the rib cage on the right side could be liver, or gallbladder. Pain on the left below the rib cage could be pancreas.

Pain under right rib cage just below right breast?

Go to the doctor!

What causes acute pain on right side below rib cage and from back and tenderness in front?

Pain under the ribs and in the back can be from the kidneys. This can be an indicator of kidney stones or a kidney infection.

What is the pain below the rib cage?

pertaining to below the ribs

Pain below rib cage on right side?

Could be Gall Bladder stone or Liver disease.

Pain on right side when you cough?

Go to the doctor

What could be causing pain directly under your right rib cage?

the knife right under your right rib cage.

What are possible causes of pain on the left side below the rib cage?

It could be anything stomach or spleen related as these are located below your rib cage on the lefthand side.

Pain in back under right rib cage?

i have a dull but consistant pain on my back over the rib cage. Also pain and discomfort under front right side near rib cage. I am thinking gall bladder. What are the symptoms.

When you cough you get pain somewhere below your ribcage on the right side what organ is hurting and what caused it?

its probably just a slow artarie, you should see your gp

What causes sharp pain on the right side of the back right below the rib cage does not hurt like kidney stones but is a sharp pain that hurts more when move or push anything or a dull pain all day?

My husband has this extremely sharp pain on his right side on his back, just below the rib cage. He also has had kidney stones and the pain is different than the type of pain they caused. It only hurts when he makes certain movements. He has had MRI's and an x-ray, but nothing shows up. Is it a muscle strain or does anyone else who has experienced this problem know what is causing this pain?

How can you know if you break a rib?

Pain and swelling at a particular point in the ribs.Pain when you breathe in deeply or when you cough or sneeze.Pain at a specific point when someone presses in over the whole of your rib cage

Pain under right rib cage in 10 yr old?

Pain under the rib cage is usually a cramp from exercising. If the pain does not subside, you may need to visit a doctor.

What causes pain right side rib cage?

Generally a knife or blunt object connecting with the said rib-cage will cause pain from mild to extreme.

Why do i have Severe pain on last rib on the front of right rib cage following severe cough also pain on touch?

sounds like a sprained muscle. like all things involving rib injury's it will seem like forever before it is gone.

What causes acute pain on upper right side below rib cage and from back and tenderness in front?

Most likely it is a blockage of the gallbladder or the biliary ducts.

Pain upper right quadrant rib cage?

from front to back

What is the pain in right side lower rib cage?

appendix or kidney?

Why are you in pain with whooping cough?

You are in pain with the whooping cough because your parents did not get you vaccinated.

What are the symptoms of a bad gallbladder?

Pain in right side right below rib cage. Pain can radiate to the back, and up to the right shoulder blade.Pain right below your rib cage, and it would radiate to your back. when breathing it makes the pain way worse, anything you do doesn't help not even Antibiotics or rubbing it.pain in the right upper side of the abdomenjaundiceindigestionvomitingnauseabloating of the abdomendiscomfortpain when ingesting fatty foodfeversweatingsevere pain attacksThe gall bladder symptoms are that one will feel very run down and tired. Additionally, one can feel a lot of pain, that generally starts in the head area and have trouble breathing. having abdominal pains and feeling nausea am and some bile

What causes chronic pain on the right side under the rib cage?


Pain under rib cage right hand side?

Pain under your rib cage on the right side could be caused by problems with your liver, gall bladder, or kidneys. It also could be due to pulled intercostal muscles.

What could cause an escruiating pain below the left rib cage when you cough laugh or even move the wrong way?

A muscle "stitch". Lie flat on your back and stretch your hands over your head to stretch out the muscles. Drink more water.

When taking a deep breath in there is pain under right rib cage?

Well for me, yes

Pain below right rib?

There are several things that can cause pain below the right rib. In most cases, this might be as a result of inflammation of the organs that are below the right rib like liver, gallbladder and kidney among others.