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When you die does your hair keep growing?

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When you die your hair does not keep growing.

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Does your hair keep growing after you die?

your hair doesnt keep growing after you die lol

Can hair die?

The Bottom Of You Hair Is Dead, Its The Top Part That Is Alive To Keep It Growing.

What two body parts keep growing after you die?

Hair and nails

Does a dead body still have hair?

Yes, in fact a persons hair will keep growing a bit after you die.

Is the nail alive or dead?

nails are dead that is why when you die your hair and nails keep growing(hair is dead too)

Does human hair and fingernails keep on growing for three days after you die?

strange but yes ... although not noticeably

Is there a way to keep pubic hair from growing fast?


If hair is dead why does it keep on growing?

it grows from the scalp

What happens if you do not cut your hair?

it'll keep growing

Does your hair stop growing after you die?

Yes. When you die you hair and finer nails do not continue to grow.

Do nails keep growing when you die?


Do nail keep growing when you die?


If you put spit on your hair will it stop growing?

No. What a silly idea. Your hair will never stop growing. It even grows after you die.

Why does cat hair not keep growing?

Because cats instinctively make it stop growing when they want to

Does your hair and nails stop growing when you die?


Why does hair keep growing?

Because you eat healthy,sleep enough and take care of your hair.

Does anorexia cause hair loss?

If it is bad yes as there is not enough nutrition to keep the hair growing.

Can a man hair grow when he is dead?

No. Old fable that hair and nails keep growing, They don't.

Why grasses don't die when mowed?

Grass doesn't die when it is mowed because the roots are still in the soil and healthy, which allows it to keep growing green. The concept is similar to hair cuts, just because the ends are cut off doesn't mean that the entire hair dies and will stop growing.

If you super glue hands to your shaved head will the hair stop growing where your hands are stuck to?

No, the hair will keep growing and possibly force your hands off

Does body hair keep growing thicker the older you get?

Yes, it certainly does.

When do your hair stop growing?

either because of a disease or when you die.

How do you keep silky terriers hair from growing to long?

Take it to a groomer and be ready to have a dog with shorter hair.

Can you die from a cyst in your brain?

Does a cyst keep growing

How long do your fingernails keep growing after you die?