When you go to college do you get your minor in the first two years and then your major in the next two?


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2005-01-03 09:53:29
2005-01-03 09:53:29

Not exactly. For most universities, in your first year or even your second year you tend to complete your general education requirements. These are your englishes, your maths, sciences, histories, etc. After your first year, you get more into your major and your minor. You pretty much do them all at the same time. In the example of myself, I chose a minor in Economics and I've already began taking Economics classes because they were an option for my general education requirements. I'm also planning to minor in Finance but I have not begun taking classes for it. I have begun taking classe that work towards my major though, which is Marketing. I am currently a sophomore at a University.


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Here in the Philippines, in a four year course, you can get your minor subject in two years and the remaining two years is for the major subjects.

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You can choose both, but no you do not have to. You can into college/university with an 'undeclared major' and choose a major later. Your first two years (at universities) are general studies anyway, meaning you don't take program specific classes anyway. Minors are optional.

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Depends on the college and your major. There is a general ed requirement of 60-64 credits. Then, depending on your major/minor, 36+ credits. The school I'm at the requirement (total) is 120 credits in 4yrs, though it takes most people 6 because there aren't enough classes. However, I'm transferring to a small, liberal arts school and the total requirement is 128 credits in 4 years.

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it depends on your major but most degrees can be earned in 4 years

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