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The water doesn't mix with the vegetable oil. Oil and water don't mix because they can't form any chemical bonds with each other. In other words, the water goes right through the oil.

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Q: When you make a homemade lava lamp what happens when you add water to the plastic bottle?
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What happens if hot water inside the plastic bottle?

it might melt

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The plastic in the bottle (if it's plastic) goes into the water and it frezzes with it, so when you drink it your drinking plastic too, which is cancer. (Time it takes to have plastic into water.... 2 years)

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it moist inside the plastic

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If the bottle is from glass will burst soon; the plastic container will be melted.

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Rather, nothing will happen to the empty water bubble but just making the plastic cold. Actually, it isn't the plastic bottle that is affected, it's only the water that is being affected (if there is any).

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First you get a plastic bottle and give half of oil and the other half with water. Then you need a multivitamine or other fuzz things then you cut the multivitamine into pieces then you give the piece in the bottle and look

What happens when you put a filled plastic water bottle in an open fire?

In the first place the water in the bottle would keep the temperature of the plastic down preventing it from burning and leaking, The same as you would do by boiling water over a flame in a paper cup, However the water in the bottle would heat up and eventually the pressure inside the bottle would burst it like a balloon.

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