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Windows Live Movie Maker.

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2013-02-04 00:02:22
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Q: When you make a speed drawing video what program can you use to speed it up?
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Can a drawing program make a graph?


How do you make a video of yourself drawing i want to make a video of me drawing something but i dont know where or how to put the camera i want a view from thet top?

use a tripod

What is a good online drawing program?

Try No need to download and it's free! A simple, intuitive drawing program and you can make flip-books, too. :)

How do you make videos in Photoshop CS2?

You cannot make videos in Phototshop, it is not a video editing program. Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, do have a video editing program called "Premiere."

Is there any program you can use on Windows 7 that can speed up video playback in the editing like say if it is a 20 minute video you can speed it up 2x faster and make it last for 10 minutes?

Windows 7 is just slow. Period. Nothing can help that.

How do you draw event table in software engineering?

You could use a drawing program to help out. The right program can help to make the job easier.

How do you make videos slower on windows live movie maker?

To change the speed of a video, click the video. Next, under Video Tools, on the Edit tab, in the Adjustgroup, click the Speed list, and then click a speed (depending on how much you want to speed the video up or slow it down).

What is a decent video editing freeware program?

I am trying to make a Parkour/Free running video with some fellow traceurs, and I need a good video editing program. We're filming with a Flip Video camera, and it comes with a novice editing program. But its not good for what we want to do.

When did Michael Jackson make the speed demon video?

Sometime in 1989.

How do i make a PowerPoint presentation a video in my YouTube account?

you have to use a program that converts powerpoints and other program files into MPEG or AVI files and then you can upload it like a video.

How do you make your video rewind in window movie maker?

There is no 'loop' feature in the program.

What is the best free program to make video games?

Easily the xtremeworlds engine.

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