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Protection (term insurance), Accumulation (cash value insurance) and Distribution. You are making sure you protect your investments, family etc... You are making sure you have money to retire in the future with a cash building life insurance such as custom whole life, or whole life.

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Q: When you purchase insurance what are you doing?
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Where can one purchase car insurance?

One can purchase car insurance by contacting their local insurance broker. Many insurance companies such as Progressive, Geico, and Allstate can be contacted directly to purchase insurance.

Where can I purchase car insurance in Louisiana?

You can purchase car insurance in Louisiana at

Where can you purchase sickness insurance?

One can purchase sickness insurance from any major health insurance company. One can purchase this insurance from Aviva, Bupa, Aetna and Simply Health.

Where can one purchase photography insurance?

At a place that sells insurance. Photography insurance is pretty much normal insurance. You should be able to purchase photography insurance where you normally buy your insurance.

Where can transportation insurance be purchased from?

You can purchase transportation insurance , depending on what kind of transportation you are looking for. You can purchase it through a broker. You can also purchase it through local insurance policies.

Where can you purchase insurance for your hotpoint appliances?

You can purchase insurance for your hotpoint appliances pretty much anywhere. It is all up to you and your personal opinions about where you would like to purchase your insurance.

Do auto auctions need to purchase insurance?

Auto auctions are generally not required by law to purchase insurance but it is up to the individual to purchase insurance if they so choose for themselves.

Where can one purchase events insurance?

One can purchase events insurance from The Event Helper and Insure a Party. One can also purchase events insurance from One Day Event and Private Event Insurance.

How difficult would be to purchase American travel insurance?

It is not difficult to purchase travel insurance if traveling from the United States. There are insurance companies that specialize in travel insurance, such as CanAm Insurance.

How much does Travel Insurance Australia cost?

The type of insurance you choose to purchase will make the price of it vary. However, after doing some research, it appears that the minimum price is around $21.

Where can one purchase auto insurance online?

You can purchase auto insurance online from insurance companies such as Nationwide and Progressive. Once on the website, you can get instant auto insurance online.

Can you purchase insurance to cover a accident?

No, you can not. All insurance policies are effective form the date of purchase, not retroactively.

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