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Q: When you see children crying you feel?
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What is the fear of crying noises I feel a sense of anxiety whenever I experience a situation which involves crying. I even hate the sound of babies and children crying. What is this phobia?

go to the doctor

What is a sentence using the word awful?

I feel awful when I see my friend crying.

What does crying and cursing mean?

Crying is when u feel sad.

When was You See Me Crying created?

You See Me Crying was created in 1975-11.

What are dry tears?

Dry tears is when you feel like crying, and you practically are crying, but no tears are coming out.

What do you do when a girl is crying?

You let her cry, and stay silent until she is done crying. When she is don't let her feel embarrassed about crying, and apologize if you were at fault.

What would you want to see hear and feel in a nursery that would convince you that good practice was taking place?

It is all a matter of opinion really. Personally I would like to see children playing, bright toys, children being active, having a healthy lifestyle, but most of all, the children should be having fun. If a child is crying, even if it is nothing to do with the nursery, it would discourage me to put my children there. As for feeling, it should be warm soft and generally comfortable.

Why does putting a spoon in your mouth whilst chopping a onion stop you from crying?

You taste something else and feel the real since instead of crying you feel metallic.

What are some ways to respond to crying children?

Singing is a way to tend to a crying child. Feeding for some children works when their not too upset or hurt. Depends on the reason for the child's crying. Some cases just ignoring them is helpful, they maybe just crying for attention.

Was jade goody children crying when funeral?

Yes, they were crying a lot and when their dad told them to go home for now they were crying even more! You Jade Goody haters need to learn that Jade Goody is a good presenter so don't be mean, Please. Think how her kids feel! You don't want to be next in line!

Why does crying make you feel better you just lose water?

Crying helps release stress hormones like cortisol from the body, providing relief. Emotional tears also contain higher levels of stress hormones, so shedding them can help regulate emotions and bring a sense of catharsis and emotional release. It's not just about losing water; it's also about the physiological and emotional effects of crying.

If a guy is crying and hides himself is he imbarriest?

I don't want people to see me crying.