When you start feeding baby cereal should you give your baby extra water to drink?

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Wouldn't they throw up? cuz i heard too much liquids can make them whoot whoot.. that may be a question to ask your doctor honey but I hope the babys fine good luck!
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Can baby drink mineral water?

Answer . As a general rule, no! Mineral water usually contains high levels of minerals, such as sodium, fluoride or calcium, that a baby's kidneys cannot tolerate. Spring water too, should be avoided, as there is no requirement to list the mineral contents and this too could be lethally high for ( Full Answer )

Is it ok to feed a baby water?

Answer . Of course it is. Everybody should have water. Milk and formula should probably be reccomended because of all the nutrients that are good for the growth and developement of a baby..

What should I feed my baby parakeet?

You have to feed it baby wild bird food. You can get at a pet store and get a syringe to feed it with.Then, you have to add warm water, but make sure the water is not too hot. Then, mix up the food with the water, and you load it up into the syringe. Then when you feed it, it will let you know how m ( Full Answer )

Do baby owls drink water?

NEVER give a baby owl water to drink! Owls obtain liquids from the foods they consume. It is illegal to keep an owl as a pet in the US. In the US, all native migratory birds are protected under federal law (Migratory Bird Treaty Act), and owls are further protected by various state and f ( Full Answer )

What should a baby mouse be feed?

without teeth: don't try to do it yourself, call a petshop, or a wildlife rehabilitator now! With teeth: but a gallon fish tank,mouse food,and heat pad. Turn the hat pad on low, place the tank on-top of the heating pad, place two to four inches of shredded toilet paper in the bottom of the tank, c ( Full Answer )

How do baby rabbits drink water?

Baby rabbits don't drink water, they drink milk from their mother. Once they're weaned, they drink water just like adult rabbits do: by using their tongue.

What should you feed baby rabbits?

Baby rabbits should drink their mother's milk. Once they're weaned (at about 6 weeks), baby rabbits should have unlimited access to three things: . water . alfalfa hay, or an alfalfa-grass mix (like alfalfa-timothy) . high-quality pellets (see question below for details about pellets) At ( Full Answer )

Babies drinking pool water?

Don't let them drink it. Chances are, a little won't hurt them, but its not a good habit to deveplop. Especially, if there are alot of chemicals in it.

What age do you start babies on cereal?

You can start your baby on cereal at about four months. Mix it with a bit of formula or breast milk. If he doesn't like it or it seems he is spitting it all out, wait a week and try again. Always consult your pediatrician first to confirm that your baby is ready.

What should you feed a baby squirrel?

you should give it goats milk if its only 1 to 3 weeks old but if its 4 or higher give it pea cons (my squirrel use to love them before he got killed by my window :c:c:c:c:c:c D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I fed mine Just Born Puppy Milk Replacer, and then started weaning it at roughly 8 weeks of age. Afte ( Full Answer )

Can you feed baby mice water?

it depends how old it is. if you bought it definitly! if you found it I'm not sure probably stick to milk but not stuff from your fridge- something like puppy milk ect.

What should you feed a baby groundhog?

If you are serious about helping this baby, find a wildlife rehabilitator. You can find them online by state. . I am a wildlife rehabilitator and as cute as they are, you do NOT want to do this. I know. They are adorable when they are small...but befor each feeding, you have to rub their genitals ( Full Answer )

Can you feed chicks rice baby cereal?

No do not feed chicks anything but starter chick food! It has everthing that a chick needs to get a good start in life.

Can baby mice drink water?

When they are very young, all they need is their mother's milk. They can have water when they are older and weened from the mother.

Can babies drink water?

Yes, as long as it has been boiled and allowed to cool.Boiling the water kills any germs or bacteria in the water,a baby's immune system doesn't work as well as a adults.

Do baby birds drink water?

They don't drink water, it gets moture from the food it eats. So do not give them water ,it will drown. . Baby birds are feed on the food that there mother ingests; and regerdjetates the food into thie chiks mouth. This food is liqiud, (vomit) so like the frist answer says. Baby birds get the m ( Full Answer )

When should i start giving my baby baby cereal?

I started at about 5 months. My doctor told me to because my child was always hungry. remember you can always water it down for the consistancy that you want.

When does a baby hamster start drinking from the water bottle?

Probably when it starts walking around and its eyes are open. As far as I know, most baby mammals don't start to drink water until they are almost completely weaned. Guinea pigs would have to be an exception though; their babies are precocious and drink water from a bottle a day or two after birth.

Can newborn babies drink water?

drinking water has been found to increase the severity of newborn jaundice."But those who are given water as well will become more jaundiced, and this makes them sleepy and lethargic."

How do you feed baby chicks water?

chick has dried out completely and is fluffy, you can lightly tap your finger in the water and it should instinctly know how to drink. i also hold the chick whilst dipping it's beak into the water as soon as its ready to be moved into the incubator. If you are hatching via broody hens, dont worry, t ( Full Answer )

When can a baby drink water?

Probably At the age 2 because that's when they have their teeth you know........ So I'll say about the age 2.....

Should you feed baby pigeon?

Yes, if it is abandoned by its mother you have the chance to save its life. If you find a abandoned baby pigeon feed it bread soaked in milk or water with tweezers. Take a Cotton bud and put it in a bowl of water, then let the pigeon suck on the Cotton part. that will give it enough water. feed it e ( Full Answer )

What should you feed a baby dormouse?

Buy another baby dormouse and put him in the blender, then feed the other dormouse to him(he will not know the difference)

My hamster is not feeding her baby what should you do?

I think your hamster is feeding the baby..but maybe you doesn't realise it or doesn't know it...Hamster are nocturnal, they sleep in the day and wake up in the night.http://wiki.answers.com/Are_hamster_a_nocturnal_animals#ixzz19q8JCj2v

Can you feed a baby kitten water?

No. For the first 7 weeks, they should only get milk from their mother or kitten formula purchased from a pet store. They will wean between 7 and 10 weeks of age.

Can breast feed babies have water?

It is not recommended to give your baby any water until 6 months old. The baby gets all the water it needs from the breastmilk and water can actually be harmful for the baby's immature urinary system. If you have concerns about your baby being dehydrated, you should call your pediatrician or local W ( Full Answer )

Is it bad for a mother to drink water during breast feeding baby?

Drinking water while breast feeding is actually a smart and prudent thing to do. When the situation allows, such as when nursing at home, the best thing to do is to have a glass of water close at hand. It is very important for a nursing mother to stay well hydrated. After all, breast milk is primari ( Full Answer )

Why should I feed my baby?

Because if you do not feed your baby it will die and you will have committed a crime for which you will be arrested.

What should you feed baby crappie?

Any commercially sold fish food can be fed to crappie. Also any insect you can catch and small bits of earthworm are good.

When do baby gerbils start drinking water?

if the gerbil is a pet, it will mostly take a couple hours, or even some minutes. if not, show him that the water is for drinking, and he will most likely investigate, and then drink.

When should newborn babies start drinking water?

In general, it's not a good idea to give your baby water until he's about 6 months old. Until then, he'll get all the hydration he needs from breast milk or formula, even in hot weather. Giving a baby younger than 6 months old too much water can interfere with his body's ability to absorb the nutr ( Full Answer )

Can babies drink alkaline water?

no. i read on an article that children up to 3 years old should not drink the water. Children 4 to 12 can only drink the lower level of alkalinic water.

When should you feed your baby chicks?

I feed mine chick crumbs ( you can get them from most farm stores). I read in a book that they should have constant access to food and a shallow bowl of water, but mine eat the food as soon as I give it to them, so I tend to just feed them a big meal around 3 times a day. I have had many chicks and ( Full Answer )

When should you give your baby baby food?

6 mouths is what my doctors says due to fat kids no days because they think they induced solid food to early but i disagree i think 3 mouths is OK you know that they get tried of fuolma

Which parent should feed the baby?

Well I think it depends on the parents. A maternal mom would feed the baby. But a tired mom... Dad youd better take over

When should you feed a baby rabbit?

At about 4 weeks , bunnies will start weaning and taking nibbles of their mother's hay and pellets. By 6 weeks the rabbits are usually fully-weaned. You don't have to feed them at any particular time: they should have unlimited access to hay and pellets so they can nibble on them whenever they want, ( Full Answer )

How much of the baby rice cereal do you feed a baby Robin?

It depends on the age and if they are new to starting on thicker milk/formula. Start gradually thickening it up. they say to start at 4 months but my son born at almost 10 lbs was only sleeping 2 hrs at a time at 3 months of age. I put a little rice cereal in his bottle and he slept sooo good. I fel ( Full Answer )

How baby rabbit drink water?

it all depends if you own one i would try to have it drink out of a bottle but dont forse it if it doesnt drink try a dish where it can reach but again NEVER forse the baby bunny. if it still doesnt drink i would ask the vet.