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The dryer plug is probably wired wrong, check where the cord is wired to the dryer first. Unplug the dryer befor starting to remove any screws or panels

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What can one do with tumble dryer balls?

You can use tumble dryer balls by placing the tumble dryer ball into your dryer. You can contact the agent of your tumble dryer ball company for more help.

Where can one purchase a vented tumble dryer?

A vented tumble dryer can be purchased from many electronics stores, such as Currys. Alternatively, one can purchase a tumble dryer from webpages such as Ebay.

What is the best condenser tumble dryer in the US?

A condenser tumble dryer works the same as a regular tumble dryer except the condenser dryer uses a heat exchanger to cool the air and condense the water vapor into a collection pipe. The best condenser dryer in the US is considered to be ASKO or Ariston.

How do you spell tumbledryer?


What are some models of Bosch tumble dryers?

White Knight 42AW 6kg Vented Tumble Dryer, White Knight 38AW 3kg Compact Tumble Dryer, and White Knight 37AW 3kg Tumble Dryer. All models made by Bosch Tumble are reliable and set at a decent price for most consumers.

Why would one need a tumble dryer condenser kit?

Tumble dryer condenser kits are design to fit most tumble dryer models and were created to assist you in condensing the hot air your dryer produces. By condensing the air with cold water you can place the dryer in a room that does not have a window or opening for a vent.

Where can you put a condenser tumble dryer?

You can put a condenser tumble dryer anywhere as long has you have a plug close by. Because a condense dryer collects the water in a container which you can empty when it is full.

Washer or dryer cause shrinkage cause color loss?

color loss, washer, always was on cold for color fastness. shrinkage is dryer, you can avoid this by using low heat or no heat tumble dry

How many watts does a tumble dryer use?

It can be from 2500 watts to 400 watts depends on what tumble dryer you buy to get a clearer view look on wikipedia or

Who invented the first tumble dryer?

george jefferson

How many kilowatts does a dryer use?

A hair dryer uses about 1 kW, a tumble dryer uses 3 kW.

How do you clean a tumble dryer condenser box?

The Kenmore Gas Dryer will not heat and dry clothing.

Is it dangerous to use a tumble dryer without an outside vent?

That is a good question, and you will find out at this website

Why does clothes dry in the tumble dryer?

It evaporates quicker with the heat.

What is the average life of a tumble dryer?

8 to 15 years.

How do you dry wet clothes when its raining?

you put it in the tumble dryer

Why is it when you take your clothes out of the tumble dryer you get an electric shock and a fuzzy feeling all the way up your arm?

All that heat and movement has generated 'static electricity' and you are earthing it.

What was used before the tumble dryer?

Is this a serious question? Washing lines.

How does a tumble dryer condenser box work?

steam from the tumble dryer makes contact with the water inside the condenser box instantly turning back to water & releasing the warm air minus steam

Where can one purchase a Creda tumble dryer?

One can purchase a Creda tumble dryer at various places around the internet and at brick and motar stores such as Macys, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, and JCPenny.

Where can one purchase a Indesit tumble dryer?

There are several places where someone can purchase a Indesit tumble dryer. They can visit the nearest electronics shop or they can try to buy them online on websites like Amazon or eBay.

Where can one purchase a gas tumble dryer?

A gas tumble dryer can be purchased from Argos in the United Kingdom whether this is from their store for home delivery or from their website. Alternatively you may purchase one from the amazon website.

How many amps does a tumble dryer draw?

It varies from one manufacture and model to another. It will be listed on the dryer data plate.

Where can one purchase spare parts for a Whirlpool tumble dryer?

There are many websites where one can purchase spare parts for dryers (specifically the Whirlpool tumble dryer) These include espares, Argos, BuySpares, and Whirlpool Parts.

Where can one purchase a Compact tumble dryer?

There are numerous places online to purchase a Compact tumble dryer. Amazon is currently offering free shipping on Compact Tumble Dryers. They are currently on sale, and priced at $ 283.37. Amazon Customers who reviewed this item gave it 4/5 stars.