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The location of your cervix isn't an issue if it doesn't cause you any discomfort.

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Your cervix was closed during your pap smear What does that mean?

when I went for a routine cancer smear my doctor said she could not do it because my cervix was closed.

At pap smear appt my doc said cervix was blue but the pregnancy test was negative What could be wrong?

Usually when your cervix is blue that means that you are pregnant because oxygen is now going to help a baby grow. **I had the smae thing recently happen to me. I have always had period problems, and the doc said that my cervix was blue, but the test was negative. He recently called me with my pap results, but I didn't catch the phone in time, so now I am waiting for him to call back. I will let you know what my test results are, but did you find anything out about yours? Well I have a question, it's not an answer really... I just wanted to know how do they know if your cervix is blue, I mean do they do that with a pap smear, or is there a certain test?

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Can IUD come out of the cervix?

Yes a I.U.D can come out of the cervix anytime. yes my step daughter had one and her mother said the doctor said it was comming out! from my understandind it was causeing her a great amount of discomfort obviously!

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Can a baby's cervix be seen on ultrasound?

We I couldn't tell what we were looking at for sure at my ultrasound at 22 weeks but the technician said she was measuring the baby's cervix so i guess you can see it if you know what your looking for.

How long after having a pap smear is bleeding normal?

The nurse at my Dr.s office said 2 days.

What is wrong when the cervix is tilted?

It doesn't mean anything is wrong. I have a tilted cervix. Sometimes it makes becoming pregnant more difficult, but I had no problem getting pregnant. My doctor said it's normal and nothing to worry about.

How can you tell if your cervix is opened or closed and should it be hard or soft when you are pregnant and how hard or soft should it be?

Your cervix should be closed and I don't recommend poking around to find out. It is said that a never pregnant cervix feels like the tip of your nose, and after being pregnant it feels like pursed lips. It will feel the same pregnant as non-pregnant so if it is your first baby it will feel like the tip of your nose. If you have a speculum and have a look at your pregnant cervix it will look more blue than when you are not pregnant due to the increased blood supply. The above is not true: your cervix is different depending on what part of your cycle you are on. When you are getting ready to ovulate it should be soft, high,open,wet.(SHOW) your cervical mucus changes throughout this process as well. Your cervix will not feel the same pregnant/not pregnant. If you are pregnant it will usually be high and soft and closed. When your period is almost due your cervix will drop down and become firm. If you decide to check your cervix make sure your hands are clean!!!

You are 5 weeks pregnant and had a pap done yesterday and now am having a brownish discharge Is this normal to experience this after a pap smear during pregnancy?

I was going in for a pap smear but my doctor didnt do the pap smear. it turned out that I am 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Your doctor shouldn't have done it mine said she wont do it until im 12 weeks.

Do you need treatment for abnormalities in the cervix if hpv is often said to go away?

The recommended treatment for abnormalities on the cervix caused by HPV depends on the severity of disease and on the patient's age. Please contact your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

What does it mean if the Doctor has just said cervix is high and womb heavy?

I'd say likely that menstruation is ready to begin (lining is thick and ready to shed).

Why would a doctor call you back to the office if you had a pap smear and they said it was not an emergency might i have an std?

They may have found abnormal cells, or needing to repeat your pap test.

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I am 27 weeks and my cervix is starting to thin does this mean I'll go into labor before my due date?

My friend is 27 weeks and her cervix is also starting to thin. Her ob said it is likely she will deliver early. Her first baby was born @ 34 weeks but her cervix wasn't checked through that pregnancy so its hard to know if that is what happened in her first pregnancy as well. Her ob said she will probably deliver again aroung 34 weeks but hopefully closer towards 36 weeks. This doesn't mean it will happen to you. Get some expert advice from your ob or a midwife. Good luck .

Cramping while pregnant with brown discharge?

i had this when i was 17 weeks pregnant. My dr. said its bacterial vaginosis i also had bleeding due to my irritated cervix. contact your dr. asap.

Are you more likely to get chlamydia if you're pregnant?

Changes to the cervix from the hormones of pregnancy may make it easier for pregnant women to get chlamydia. The same can be said of young teens. Because of the high-estrogen state, the cervix presents more columnar epiehtelium, which may make it easier for it to be infected with chlamydia and a host of other STDs.

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You have a McDonald cerclage and the doctor said you are 100 effaced how long until you deliver?

A cerclage MUST be taken out before you go into labor or it will tear your cervix to shreds & put you at risk for a hysterectomy!

Im 32 weeks and the doctor said your cervix is in the front what does it mean?

This means that your uterus is retroverted or upside down and/or backwards. It is something to watch out for during pregnancy for the health of the mother and baby.

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