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Just chill out, because if you dont you are going to lose him. It's so hard at times not to let your jealous thoughts get the best of you. To get your mind off of him and his buddies, go have a night with the girls. If it's girl friends he goes with, then ask yourself if he has ever done anything before to make you not trust him. If he hasn't, then don't worry about it. You could see if you could go along every once and awhile if it bothers you that much. Trust is essential in any relationship. If he goes out with guy friends, then let him be, guys usually need their space. But if he goes out with both guys and girls, then ask him if you could come along once in awhile.

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Q: When your boyfriend goes out with his friends how can you stop getting really jealous and upset?
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Why do your best friends go and go with your ex boyfriend?

because they were jealous of you and now they don't really like you

What do you do if your best friends ex is jealous of your boyfriend?

well, if she really like your ex boyfriend, than you should try to talk to him. Tell him that you have a new boyfriend now and you cant really do much. There is no reason to be jealous of him when i already dated you. You were a great guy, and i bet you can find a girlfriend very easily. HOpe this advice works! message me back and tell me how it goes!!

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend gets jealous a little bout my guy friends?

it means he is really jelous because he thinks you will be in a better relationship than you guys did

What to do when you think your boyfriend is using you?

My boyfriend is really an amazing guy but sometimes I think he is using me to get his ex's jealous

Boyfriend becomes jealous with your guys friends?

This just means that he really likes you, and is jealous. Just talk to him and tell him that these other guys are JUST friends, and that no one can replace him as your boyfriend (if you mean it of course). It's good to have a trusting relationship where you can tell him everything. Maybe don't hang out with these other guys so much and start spending more time with your boyfriend. But, always make time for family too.

Does Danny like sam?

oh he LOVES her...and not as a best friend either. i mean since when did best friends start kissing?? honestly its completely obvious that he has a major crush on her seeing as he kissed her AND got jealous really really jealous when she had a boyfriend...that was before he kissed her by the way

Should you stop hanging out and talking to your exboyfriends who are still friends so your new boyfriend who doesn't like them will get back with you or is he overpossessive and jealous?

I think if they're just friends and your current boyfriend knows that, then he should trust you. If you're worried about him getting jealous, you could always talk to him and reassure him. Boys are just like that. He should trust you and if you say they're just your friends, then they're just your friends. So I don't think you should stop being friends with them, unless you really think it's necessary for your current relationship to survive. Good luck.(: Hope this helps.!(:

What do you do when your boyfriend is jealous of your male friends?

There are a few options: 1. If you really do like your boyfriend, tell him so, along the lines of "They're my friends, but you're who I really like/love [insert lovey-dovey stuff]." 2. If you feel offended by the fact that your boyfriend doesn't trust you, talk it out, possibly dump him. 3. If you're desperate and/or stupid, drop your friends. But remember: Friends are more important that guys! 4. Get a new guy.

What do you do if your boyfriend is jealous and you have been with him for over a year?

you really cant do anything..why be with someone who wont let you be comfortable around friends or acknowledge the fact his got you and others want you

How do you know if your boyfriend loves you though he wants to make you always jealous?

i will know if my boyfriend loves me though he wants me to jealous because he also wants to if i also love him if I've jealous about i really love him if not i did'NT love him that's why

What should You do when your friends don't like your boyfriend?

Look at your "friends". Do you trust them? Would they do anything for you? Have they been there for you? If not, then maybe they're not really friends. You choose who you are with, not your friends. You can listen to criticism, but you decide if what they say is true. If your bf really is not good then listen to them. But if they are just jealous, or messing with you forget them. A romantic relationship is intimate, and only you know if he is best for you or not.

Jealous of boyfriend's friends?

are your boyfriend friends females? if so, tell him that you don't think it's right that he is friends with females since it makes you feel uncomfortable and you think it will cause problems. if his friends are males and you are jealous of them because he spends all his time with them and is hardly with you, tell him that you think he should spend more time with you. in either case, if he really cares about you he will do what he has to do to make you feel better. if he says he doesn't care and that he will keep doing what makes you uncomfortable, then you need to analyze your relationship with him and ask yourself if you want to have a boyfriend who doesn't care about your feelings.

How do you an ex-boyfriend mad?

Date another really cute guy to make him jealous.

What do you do if you have a guy friend that is jealous of your boyfriend and he won't admit it?

Well, Ive had this happen to me before. I have two guy friends that i was really close with but they got really jealous of me and my boyfriend dating. They were going to fight each other but i just told them to stop and one day they decided that they didnt want to talk to me anymore so i told them okay and now me and my boyfriend are having a great relationship. All i can tell you to do, is if your willing to stop talking to your guy friends then do that and make your bf your number one priority, Or dump the guy your with to make your guy friends happy.

What happens when you are kissed by another guy when you have a boyfriend?

your boyfriend gets really jealous and he brakes up ( unless if he doesnt know) but you will feel guilty

Why does your ex keep asking about your new boyfriend if he isn't jealous and has a new girlfriend?

They are Jealous they just dont want u to find out they are or if they REALLY ARENT jealous then there worried abut ure new partner....

What do you do if your boyfriend is jealous?

Answer If your boyfriend is the jealous type, get rid of him. I have two friends, one a man who is extremely jealous and his wife who has lived a living hell over his jealousy. She's always been loyal to him but every other day he makes her life a living hell just because she may wear something sexy going to work. Really life with a jealous person isn't worth the problems they can give you. Drop this guy and find someone who isn't so jealous that they have to make a scene everytime you do something they don't like.

What does dreaming of a girl being all over your Boyfriend mean?

it means that your unsure of your relationship with the guy, and that you really like your boyfriend. You get easily jealous if there would be a girl trying to steal your boyfriend.

How do you make your classmate jealous?

It's not really good to try to get someone jealous. It could backfire really bad on me. But it depends on who you wanna get jealous...if its a boy/girl then just pay no mind to him/her but pay attention to some of his/her closest friends. =]]

How do I know if my boyfriend really loves me?

He won't ditch you for his friends

Signs when your boyfriend is bored with you?

Signs when your boyfriend is bored with you....he never really wants to hangout with you anymore. You don't get invited to go with him to a friends house or just out and about. Constantly getting into little fights. He flirts with other girls.

What does that mean if the guy you like is jealous whenever you talk to any of your guy friends?

He is really possessive.

Why do guys flirt with your friends when they actually like you?

they want to make you jealous because they really like you .

What do you do when a girl chooses her boyfriend over you?

get over it or just try to get her jealous. so just date another girl until the girl you want gets really jealous of the girl your dating then she will probably dump her boyfriend and ask you on a date!! good luck!

Why does your ex who wants to be friends ignore you but then gets jealous when he sees you with another guy and makes a point to show you that he is jealous?

Because he is jealous. He says "I just want to be friends" but really he is thinking "If I can be around her more, we might get back together." It is EXTREMELY hard for couples who breakup to be friends and friends only, because breakups are almost never mutual, even if it seems they are.