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It depends on whether you are talking about the front sprocket (the one at the pedals, called a chainring) or the sprocket at the rear derailleur.

The lowest gear at the front is the smallest sprocket/chainring. The lowest gear at the rear is the largest sprocket. So if you combine the smallest sprocket at the front with the largest sprocket in the rear you have the lowest gear available on your bike.

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Q: When your in low gear what sprocket are you using?
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When your in high gear what sprocket are you using?

Larrge at the front and small at the rear

If you have a worm gear and a sprocket gear and the worm gear rotates slowly on its shaft how will the sprocket gear turn?

Even slower

What is the smallest sprocket?

the smallest sprocket is the highest gear.

What is a crank gear?

The sprocket on the nose of the crankshaft that drives the cam sprocket.

What dos first gear look like on a bike?

Chain is on the smallest sprocket on the crank and on the largest sprocket on the rear wheel

Is first gear a small sprocket on a bicycle?

Depends on if you're looking at the wheel or if you're looking at the pedals. 1st gear, the one where pedalling is easiest, is the biggest sprocket at the rear, and the smallest chainwheel at the front.

What is a bicycle gear?

On a bike there's one(or more) front sprocket(s) by the pedals connected by a chain to one(or more) rear sprocket(s) by the rear wheel. As the wheel isn't driven directly by the pedals, and there's usually a difference in size between the front & rear sprocket this constitutes a gear.

If you are on gear one are you on a big gear or a small gear?

1st gear is the gear where you can pedal with the least resistance. For a bicycle with external gears the chain should be on a big sprocket at the back and a small chainwheel at the front.

Where is the mech in steamworks island?

In the gear shop where you found "Sprocket" the robot who follows you around. If you have yet to fine Sprocket go in the gear shop and he will be sleeping, ring the bell and he will wake up. He will follow you around... If you need help...( HINT )

What happens to power if you go from a big gear to a small gear?

If you move from a big chainwheel to a smaller chainwheel by the pedals, pushing the pedals will get easier. If you move from a big sprocket to a smaller sprocket by the rear wheel, pushing the pedals will get heavier.

How do you turn a rotation in to a straight movement to make a toy thing?

You need two gears. One would be a sprocket. The other would be a straight bar with equally spaced gear teeth similar to the round gear teeth(sprocket). You can also acheive linear movement from circular movement using a belt. Take apart an old radio and see how the pointer is moved across the display using the Tuner Knob. Regards J Pi

How do you calculate sprocket rpm?

calculating sprocket RPM is very easy if you know what the RPM of the drive sprocket is. If you know that then it is a simple fraction problem. If you make the drive gear the numerator or the top part of the fraction and the driven gear the denominator or the bottom part of the fraction (DRIVE/DRIVEN) I.E. if the drive sprocket has 25 teeth and your driven sprocket has 100 teeth (25/100) that will reduce to (1/4) or a 4:1 ratio. So if your drive sprocket is spinning at 1000 RPM then your driven sprocket will be spinning at 250 RPM. You can plug your specific sprocket tooth count into that equation and come up with the right answer.