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Those certainly could be symptoms of pregnancy. If your period is 9 days late and you have a pretty consistant start day, it would be safe to get a home pregnancy test now. If it's negative, wait a week and take another. If that is negative and you still haven't started your period, contact your doctor.

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Why am I you getting Headaches and I am very thirsty in pregnancy?

You need a lot of fluid during pregnancy. being dehydrated is likely the cause of your headaches

Did Braxton Bragg have any illnesess?

Yes, he kept getting terrible headaches that made him even more irritable than usual.

How early in your pregnancy do you start getting headaches?

Some women start as early as the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus wall. And that can be anywhere between 7-10 dpo. So as soon as the hcg level begins to rise. Answer If you are getting headaches you should see a doctor. They are not a symptom of pregnancy. I am another poster adding a comment to this last answer. Although headaches are not the best symptom it can happen. I started having headaches two weeks after conception and they lasted on and off for about two weeks. My headaches were the reason I took a pregnancy test and it came out postive. Headaches were my first symptom. But to be sure... contact your doctor!

Doing daily intercourse getting pain on the left ubdomen in the 14th days after period is it indication of pregnancy?

after intercourse getting pain on my abdomen

Could being sleepy and getting gas like cramps and headaches be signs of pregnancy?

yes! because you start getting contractions that's a sign that you might be Pregnant.

Could being sleepy and getting gas-like cramps and headaches be signs of pregnancy?

Yes, I had all three of these symptoms during the first trimester.

Can getting an MRI cause headaches?


My period is 13 days late and I've be getting backaches headaches bloating and cramping am i pregnant?

You can miss your period in several cases including pregnancy, stress, medication, illness, etc. Bloating and cramping are more typical for late period but not pregnancy. Pregnancy test will be recommended.

Did you get and still have headaches after getting an Ommaya?

i don't know. Do you get headaches?? I may be able to explain that.

I am five months pregnant and i keep getting really bad headaches what could cause that or is it a worry?

Headaches in pregnancy are very common. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest, sometimes when youre body gets very tired a headache can be a sign. Also if you take any medication for the headaches make sure that you only take acetamenaphin. (Tylenol) Aspirin and Ibuprofen can hurt your baby.

Could you be pregnant and still get a heavier and longer period than normal with little blood clots in it im getting headaches dizziness tirdness and nausea?

These could be signs of pregnancy or miscarriage.

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling tired bloated getting headaches and just started pinkish spotting but period is not due for 2 weeks?

Possibly. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

What does it mean when you always get headaches?

your not getting enough water

You take a pregnancy test and it says negative but you still think your pregnant because from the first time you had sex your stomach is getting big with stretch marks and ive been getting headaches?

Visit your Doctor and have them give you a test. That should tell you if you are pregnant or not.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you never get headaches but have recently been getting very bad ones?

it could be, but it could also be a sign of stress or any number of other things, go and see your doctor to get checked out.

Is getting head pains a sign of being pregnant?

no but if you throwup or your spitting alot that's a sign. no but if you throwup or your spitting alot that's a sign. no it is not at all. No, the headaches usually start about 12 years after the pregnancy.

What are the main causes of headaches for teenage girls?

stress at least that's what i think since im the one getting the headaches...

Could i be pregnant i am five day's late for my periods and i have been getting cramping nausea cravings headaches contipation mood swings temperatures unusual tiredness frequent urination?

EXCESSIVE tiredness and breast tenderness are typically the first signs of pregnancy. Not until your atleast 2 months pregnant do you get nauseous, frequent urination and headaches, and its not until late in pregnancy you get cravings. So you may just be coming down with a cold. I would suggest taking a pregnancy test to be sure.

What are the symptoms of getting your period?

Cramps, irritability, headaches, bloating

Can getting a electrical shock to the head cause headaches?


Can miscarriages cause severe headaches and migraines?

I don't know if they cause the headaches/migrains. all i do know is that i had a miscarriage last year and since then i keep getting bad headaches/migrains.

What are the signs of pregnancy if an IUD is in place?

Just the same as if it was not in place. Absence of periods, breast tenderness, nausea and tiredness.If the IUD is still in place then there should not be a chance of getting pregnant.Positive pregnancy testThey are the same as any pregnancy, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, period stopping, headaches and fatigue.Positive pregnancy testSame as normal: Headaches Dizziness Light cramping Light spotting around when period should be Feeling sick/actually being sick Exhausted Sore/tender breasts Needing to pee more Emotional and moodyThey're the same as any pregnancy symptoms.

Can you have a full term pregnancy getting pregnant with Mirena?

Yes, you can have a full-term pregnancy after getting pregnant with Mirena.

Can a blackberry phone cause headaches?

I don't know but since getting my Blackberry I'+ve had lots of headaches _ at the base of my head and upper spine....

How soon before pregnancy can you get a tattoo?

Getting a tat is not dangerous for pregnancy.