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when did anne frank die and what year

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Q: Whendid Anne Frank die
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What day did Anne Frank die?

Anne Frank died on a friday.

What age did Anne Frank die?

Anne Frank died at the age 15.

What age did Anne Frank die in?

Anne Frank died at the age of 15.

Did Anne Franke die first?

Anne Frank was not the first person to die. Anne Frank's sister Margot was the first one to die in the family.

Whendid hitler die?

April 1945

When did Anne Frank die and what year?

Anne Frank died in March 1945 of Typhus.

Whendid Sasha striker die?

she hasn't died

Did Anne Frank die in the gas chambers?

Anne Frank died of Typhus in March of 1945.

Did Anne Frank die on a Friday?

The exact day and date of Anne Frank's death is not known.

What did Anne Frank and her sister die of?

Anne Frank and her sister Margot both died of typhus.

What city did Anne Frank die in?

Anne frank died in the city called Bergen Belson

How did Anne Frank and Margot Frank die?

Anne Frank and her sister, Margot died in 1945 from Typhus in Bergen-Belsen.

What year die Anne Frank's father die?

Otto Frank died in 1980.

What type of Typhus did Anne Frank die from?

She died of pandemic typhus. I really miss Anne Frank.

Why did Anne Frank die so early?

Anne Frank died young from Typhus, in the concentrations camp

Did Anne Frank die of tuberculosis?

No, Anne Frank died of typhus in March 1945 at the age of 15.

What illeness did Anne Frank die of?


Did anne frank die from typhus?

yes she did

Did Anne Frank die in a tiny room?

no she did not.

What was anne Frank's fate?

to die from air

When did Anne Frank's grandmother die?


What camp did Anne frank die at?


What did Anne Frank say when she get captured?


Why did Anne Frank die in concentration camp?

because the place where Anne Frank and family were hiding was discovered by Germans. ___ Anne and Margot Frank died of typhus.

How did Anne Frank's sister die?

She died of typhus shortly before Anne Frank also died of typhus.