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Q: Whenever you download any movie through torrent it dont work in media player but it works in VLC so how can you change the file type to make it work in Window media player?
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Gta iv how to download on window 7?

download it hahahha

Where can you get torrents?

Torrents can be used to download almost anything. Games, movies, songs, ebooks, you name it, its there. To download a torrent: 1. Go to 2. Download utorrent and install it 3. Go to google and enter the name of whatever you want to download. 4. A list of sites like,,,,,, etc. will show up. 5. Click on the first link. 6. Click on 'Download torrent' or use a magnet link. 7. A uTorrent window will open up. 8. Select where you want to download it and click ok. 9. After a while , depending on the speed and the size of your download, your download is complete.

How do you install on your laptop?

you put the disc in ... i little window may appear asking to RUN SAVE or CANCEL .... click RUN ... and there you go should start to install the program ... if there is no disc and you downloaded it off the web ... you click DOWNLOAD ... and the little will appear with RUN SAVE or CANCEL you click RUN ... if your downloaded it from a torrent site will need to download utorrent first ... then download the program... a windows will appear asking you to ALLOW the download you click ALLOW or OK another window will appear with the content of the torrent that your downloading ... you click OK or ALLOW... the file will pop up on utorrent ... after it's done downloading you double click on it and a window will appear with the content of what you just downloaded ... double click on that or drag it out it save it in a folder or on your desk top ...

I am using Safari whenever I download something i can't see it in my documents and in the download menu How can I see my downloads?

From Safari's Window menu select Downloads, this will open a window listing your downloads. If this is empty check in the Preferences, from the Safari menu, under the General settings there is an option to "Remove download list items:" which can be set to "Upon Successful Download". If this is the case change it to some other setting such as Manually. In the Downloads window you can click on the magnifying glass icon and that will open a Finder window showing your downloaded item. By default downloads are downloaded to the Downloads folder.

How do you get out of DOS to Windows 98?

You have to install windows 98 using the OEM CD from Microsoft (or you can download it as a torrent file). If it is a DOS-window, then with command EXIT, or if you booted in DOS-mode, then use command WIN (or reboot your computer).

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You have to download it.

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go to and download trial version from there

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download device doctor and scan your computer with it

How do you download Skype 2.0 for window?

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Download it from Minecraft's home page, or go directly to the download link found below this answer.

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