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First, if you haven't yet, replace the battery. I know it checks out OK, but for around $2, why not? If that doesn't help, check the motherboard to see if the reset CMOS jumper has been put on correctly. It is a 3 pin jumper, with one set being reset, and the other set being normal. Check your manual for the location of the jumper, and the correct jumper setting. As a next to last resort, try loading the factory default CMOS settings and restarting. If it still errors out, check with ASUS (

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What is c mos battery?

The c mos battery is installed on the motherboard, its function to keep the information of teh BIOS not to lost when the computer shutdown.

Where is the battery located inside of a desktop computer?

on the motherboard

Whenever you try to adjust the time and date on your computer it stops whenever you shut it down How do you get the time to stay correct?

You need to replace the battery located on the motherboard. It's responsible for keeping track of time.

How clock in computer ticks after they are shutdown?

There is a battery inside the computer to keep the time while the computer is off or unplugged.

How to get out of power save mode when computer screen is black?

When you cannot get a computer out of "power save mode", the culprit usually is an empty battery on the motherboard of your computer. Typically, this happens on a computer which is a few years old, since its batteries will have run out after such a long time. The motherboard battery is used to store various settings, such as date and time, when the mains power is off. When your computer detects an empty battery, it goes into a low-power mode. The computer will then display as message, like "Power save mode - press any key on keyboard or move mouse". However, in certain circumstances, doing so does nothing. The solution is to replace the button-cell battery on the motherboard of your computer: * open the case of your computer; * visually locate the motherboard (the main electronic circuit board) of your computer; * visually scan the motherboard for a button-cell battery (it looks like a digital watch battery, but a bit larger); * remove this motherboard battery from your computer; * restart your computer: it should now power up normally (you may get some warning messages during the start-up sequence, but ignore them); * set the date and time of your computer using the "Date and Time" control panel; * you can now use your computer normally, but you will lose date and time settings when you disconnect the computer power cord, since there is no motherboard battery present to store them; * take the motherboard battery to an electronics store and get a replacement; * install the new battery in your computer; * restart your computer, and set the date and time again; the settings will now be saved using motherboard battery power.

When I shutdown my laptop it doesn't shutdown anyone can help?

Take out the battery and it will shutdown.

What is the purpose of the battery on the motherboard?

Every motherboard includes a battery, as well as several other components. The battery is there because it powers the computer. Most batteries have between 2 and 4 hours of life before they have to be plugged in.

What is C-mos battery?

It's the battery on a Motherboard/Similar COmputer Component that allows it to retain BIOS information

Where to place the batteries in the desk top computer?

There is a small button battery on the motherboard itself.

Where does the CMOS RAM receives its power when the computer is not turned on?

The CMOS is run off of a battery on the motherboard.

What happens to the system if there is no internal battery in the motherboard?

CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) usually describes a small amount of memory on a computer motherboard that stores the BIOS settings. Powered by a small battery, the CMOS also stores time and date details, etc. If the time and date on the computer is wrong whenever the computer is booted up, then a failing CMOS battery is a likely cause - and needs to be replaced. If there wasn't a CMOS battery, or it is a dud, mains power could possibly (as happened on an old laptop of mine, so time ago!) be used to run the computer, but time and date will need to be updated manually on each reboot.

Where does the CMOS power come from when the computer is off?

The complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) power comes from the CMOS battery located on the motherboard. This battery powers the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) and stores the start-up config for the computer.

What is the purpose of a battery on the motherboard?

The battery on the motherboard powers certain basic functions that must continue when the computer is not otherwise supplied with power. This would include, for example, powering the clock that tracks current date and time.

Compare ttl bi-cmos cmos?

small battery located on the motherboard or computer case.

How do you remove the motherboard battery from your computer?

There is a little clip that holds it in. Look at the circle, at some point around it,you will see a small clip, you push it away from the battery and it will allow the battery to come out. Now, when you touch a motherboard, you are suppose to wear a anti static strap, and remove all power from the motherboard. If you do not know what I am referring to then please do not do it as you could damage the motherboard. Read your manual before you attempt this. It will explain it.

Why computer changes date and time during restart computer?

If that is happening, the battery on the motherboard in the computer is either dead or not properly connected. The battery can be replaced provided the right type. They are cell batteries which are similarly used in wrist watches.

What is a laptop computer?

A laptop is a mobile computer which typically has a battery, motherboard, keyboard, touchpad, and other essential parts built into the base with a folding monitor.

From where does CMOS RAM receive its power when the computer is not turned on?

cmos ram is powered by a trickle of electricity from a small battery located on the motherboard or computer case.

When you turn off the power to a computer at night it loses data and you must reenter each morning what is the problem and how do you solve it?

The only problem I can think of is the battery, located on the motherboard. Small, flat and cheap to buy. This small battery keeps the tiny little compartments on the motherboard running whenever there is no power directly in the PSU (the thing you plug the power into) when this battery runs our time, dates, small bits of information can be lost. Or the cylinder shaped things with the faintly outline of a cross on have bulged out. In this case the board is useless and you may have to buy a new motherboard :-)

Computer clock is an device or not and if it is an device where it is placed in computer?

It is not a device. There is, however, a backup battery on the motherboard that can keep the clock running in lieu of an internet connection to sync to.

The internal clock of a computer system is the?

The internal clock of a computer system is found on the motherboard. It is run by its own, independent battery, causing it to always run, even if the computer is turned off.

Why do you lose your date and time when you turn off your computer?

Each computer has a small battery on its motherboard. Functions of that battery is power internal clock and couple other functions. When that battery is old and is not able to be recharged the clock doesn't have enough energy and it fails. You need to replace that battery to fix the problem.

What is in a phones?

Wires and a motherboard and a battery

Why is the motherboard sometimes called a computer?

Most people don't call a regular PC motherboard "a computer". The motherboard might be the central element of a computer, but it's only one part. Someone might call a computer's motherboard a computer because that is the main circuit board. It is the part where everything else is attached. If you consider the CPU and memory to be parts of the motherboard, then you can say the motherboard does the most work. With embedded computers, the motherboard literally is the entire computer, since it has the RAM, BIOS, CPU, chipset, network adapter, USB ports, and even a flash RAM "hard drive" or dedicated firmware. All that is needed is a monitor, keyboard, and a power pack or battery. In certain special applications besides personal computers, the "computer" is essentially just a small motherboard. An engine computer is a motherboard that connects to the ignition system and to sensors and actuators. It usually has a BIOS, firmware, and nonvolatile memory (or RAM in some cases). A separate power supply is not needed since there is the battery and alternator. A display is not necessary as no information that is of use to end users, and there is no keyboard. An engine computer does have a peripheral bus/port used for attaching diagnostic equipment. The diagnostic machines are computers in their own right.

Where is the battery located on the motherboard?

The CMOS battery can be located in any place, depending what model your motherboard is. Generally they will use a coin cell battery which is pretty obvious to find on your motherboard. A full tutorial is available on the site below. Please read it carefully before beginning the procedures to prevent any damage to your computer and to see if it can be solved in a easier manner.

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