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Where's fuse box on 1985 BMW 318i?


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In the engine Compartment the rear corner on the drivers side. Its a small box with clear top its really hard to miss.

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under the steering wheel

does it have a cover and is it on the inside of that?

It starts at about 25,000 bucks

The fuse box is located under the hood, back left under a panel.

1985 318i (1983-1993 ) Engine code 18 4E1 is listed as being belt driven best wishes

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There are several fuse relay switches on your 1985 325 BMW. The fuse relay switches are located inside of the fuse box.

the fuse box is located under the hood in the top right hand corner, there is a lid that you will have to pull off.

Its on the inside fender well 15 before tdc.

You can find a fuse box map for your 1986 BMW 318 in the back of the owners manual. You can also find the fuse box map on the inside cover of the fuse box.

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10W30 oil is fine for that car. I also have a 1991 BMW 318i and my mechanic who worked for BMW for 20years says to as well.

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The 1984 BMW 318i has approximately 101HP as the lowest value. This number is from the Wiki page for BMW 3 series located at and the exact statement is for each market is as follows: 1984-1985 318i - 1.8 L M10B18 I4, 101 hp (75 kW) - North America 1982-1987 318i - 1.8 L M10B18 I4, 105 hp (77 kW) - Europe Good luck and take care. Noisome

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