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Q: Where are all the mirrors in dawn of sorrow?
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What Castlevania comes before Dawn of Sorrow?

Dawn of Sorrow's prequel story-wise is Aria of Sorrow on the GBA.

Where is the final gaurdian enemy in Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow?

in the pinnacle

Where is the great axe armor in dawn of sorrow and how do you release the soul in castlevania dawn of sorrow?

the great axe armours can be found in the condemned tower and you can release souls by talking to Yoko in the village

Where can one find Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow?

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow released for the Nintendo DS can be found to be purchased on numerous websites such as and eBay, you can also look in most highstreet game shops such as Game or CeX.

How do you be Alucard on castlevania aria of sorrow?

You can't without hacking the game. But you can be him in Dawn Of Sorrow if you find him in the Demon Guest House when you are playing in Julius Mode.

Where is slaughterer in castlevania dawn of sorrow?

Look for him in the Wizardry Lab (where you fight Balore, the 2nd boss).

What is the best castlevania game on Nintendo ds?

i would say dawn of sorrow, but u could try portrait of ruin or order of ecclesia. in my opinion, since i love direct sequels, i would chose dawn of sorrow. plus it has alucard :D

How do you be Alucard in Castlevania Aria of Sorrow?

You cannot. There is a ROM hacked version which uses him as the main character, and he is playable in the sequel, Dawn of Sorrow, but unobtainable in regular play of Aria.

What do you use the tower key for in castlevania dawn of sorrow?

The Tower Key opens up the enterance hall to the Cursed Clock Tower.

Write down about all the uses you make of mirrors?

•Write down about all the uses we make of mirrors?

Are there any cheats for Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin for DS?

Though it is not a cheat in Dawn of Sorrow, there is a glitch a player can exploit known as the Succubus Glitch.

Castlevania for DS?

Yes it is called castlevania: Dawn of sorrow (pretty good game). There's also Portrait of Ruin and Order Of Ecclesia.

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