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Where adult stores in tarzana California?


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There are several adult stores in Tarzana, however there's only one that I go to on a regular basis. I'll tell you a little about them: All are on Ventura Blvd. One is totally skeezy and gives you the willies walking in the door. Even the bald guy with the combover makes you want to turn and run no matter who (male or female) you happen to be with at the time. Another is run by this older lady who follows you around the store. It's so cluttered that there's no possibility of ever bringing a wheelchair in there (my friend had to stay outside - isn't that illegal?). Another is run by women that are instantly in your face and calling you out to everyone inside their store when you walk in (hello, I'm in an adult store and if, by chance, there is someone there that I may possibly know, I'd rather sneak back out before being spotted rather than have them scream to greet me causing everyone to turn and look at who walked in!). The one that I'll actually go into and feel comfortable in is 69 Adult Toys. They have what I guess would be considered a higher-class type feel with muted colors on the walls, diffused lighting, and very nice people that don't jump in your face when you walk in. When you need help, they'll know and they'll ask if they can answer questions or explain what a certain item is if you don't know, and they're very knowledgeable about their products, too. I found that they're certainly cheaper than the three obnoxious places that I wrote about above, too. I keep their card in my wallet now because I have a lot of girlfriends that are getting married and they have a bunch of bachelorette party stuff. One of the people that works there also helped me put together gift bags for the last party I was throwing... lots of lubes (just about every type you can think of), books, lingerie, and toys - you name it, they seem to have it. Here's there info (and they apparently have a website, too!). 69 Adult Toys

18545 Ventura Blvd.

Tarzana, CA 91356

(818) 996-4080