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Q: Where and when did Frank Bruce die?
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When was Frank Bruce born?

Frank Bruce was born in 1870.

What has the author Frank Bruce written?

Frank Bruce has written: 'Harry Lauder' -- subject(s): Biography, Entertainers

What is the birth name of Bruce Bushman?

Bruce Bushman's birth name is Frank Bruce Bushman.

Bruce Lee was Bruce Lee an atheist?

Yes, he was asked directly if he believed in God and his answer was, "To be perfectly frank, I do not."

In Die Hard did Bruce Wayne change his clothes?

Bruce Wayne was not in Die Hard; you are thinking of Bruce Willis. Bruce Wayne is the civilian identity of Batman. Batman does not appear in "Die Hard".

Where did Robert the Bruce die?

Robert the Bruce died on 1329

When did Bruce Ariss die?

Bruce Ariss died in 1994.

When did Bruce Holder die?

Bruce Holder died in 1987.

When did Tommy Bruce die?

Tommy Bruce died in 2006.

When did Bruce Dalling die?

Bruce Dalling died in 2008.

When did Bruce Forrester die?

Bruce Forrester died in 1995.

When did Bruce Hoblitzell die?

Bruce Hoblitzell died in 1970.

When did Bruce Drake die?

Bruce Drake died in 1983.

When did Kate Bruce die?

Kate Bruce died in 1946.

When did Bruce Duncan die?

Bruce Duncan died in 2005.

When did Gordie Bruce die?

Gordie Bruce died in 1997.

When did Bruce Squires die?

Bruce Squires died in 1981.

When did Bruce Levy die?

Bruce Levy died in 1985.

When did Bruce Eriksen die?

Bruce Eriksen died in 1997.

When did Bruce Saville die?

Bruce Saville died in 1938.

When did Bruce Kershner die?

Bruce Kershner died in 2007.

When did King Bruce die?

King Bruce died in 1998.

When did Bruce Gehrke die?

Bruce Gehrke died in 1976.

When did Bruce Quarrie die?

Bruce Quarrie died in 2004.

When did Bruce Voeller die?

Bruce Voeller died in 1994.