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it was all over the world. it was called 'my world tour', it was 2010-2011

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How do you say Justin Biebers last name?

You say Justin Biebers last (bee-bur)

When was Justin Biebers last girlfriend?

Caitlin beadles. they broke up right before he went on tour

Who is opening for Justin Biebers 2010 tour?

Iyaz and Sean Kingston is said to be opening for 2010 tour.

What color is justin biebers tour bus?

It's gray with a picture of him on the sides

What is Justin Biebers motto?

if you ain't 1st you last

How much is Justin Biebers your World Tour tickets?

about $35-$101 depending on where you sit

What is Justin Bieber last name?

Justin biebers last name is actually bieber his full name is Justin drew bieber

Is Justin biebers real last name boober?

No, his last name is Bieber

When does Justin biebers tour end?

December 23rd 2010 at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Where is Justin biebers next cosert?

I believe he is either on a europe tour right now or on a break

Where was Justin biebers first consert on tour?

idk but Justin bieber is so,so,so HOT he is the cutest thing ever

Who is Justin biebers support act for Manchester 2011 march?

The support act for Justin bieber 2011 tour is willow smith.

How do you pronounce Justin biebers last name?

You pronounce Justin Bieber's name like Justin "Bee-buhr."

When was Justin Biebers last CD released?

his last CD was "i have no life." by justin bieber. it came out on dec. 15, 2009

What was Justin biebers last song?

I Think his last song was ''Baby'' Featuring Ludacris.

When was Justin Biebers last relationship?

With Selena Gomez (lucky for a wanker)!

How old was Justin Biebers last gf?

she was 15 just like him !!!

What is the whole schedule of Justin Biebers 2010 tour?

if you know Justin bieber tell to come to my house at 66 second street na.

When is Justin biebers concert going too be in 2012?

Tickets for his BELIEVE tour go on sale in May

What is Justin bieber mom or dad last name?

Justin biebers moms last name is labelle and his dads is bieber...hints the name Justin bieber

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