Where are Joe boxer sneakers made?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Kmart or Sears

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Q: Where are Joe boxer sneakers made?
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Who makes joe boxer socks?

Joe Boxer socks are made by Joe Boxer Corp. which is not a corp but a brand of the Iconix Brand Group which is not a brand but a company or at least a corporation.See would think the socks are probably -made- some where in china but JB Socks last too long to be made in china.

When did Joe Knight - boxer - die?

Joe Knight - boxer - died in 1976.

When was Joe Knight - boxer - born?

Joe Knight - boxer - was born in 1909.

When was Joe Lydon - boxer - born?

Joe Lydon - boxer - was born in 1878.

When did Joe Lydon - boxer - die?

Joe Lydon - boxer - died in 1937.

When was Joe Greene - boxer - born?

Joe Greene - boxer - was born on 1986-02-15.

When did Joe Brown - boxer - die?

Joe Brown - boxer - died on 1997-12-04.

When was Joe Brown - boxer - born?

Joe Brown - boxer - was born on 1926-05-18.

Do any of the brands carry boxers for women and are they made of cotton?

Joe Boxer does carry a boxer for women and yes they are made from cotton. Cotton boxers especially are great to sleep in.

Where would you find Joe Boxer Perfume?

you would find joe boxer perfume at k-mart

What kind of clothes does Joe Boxer make?

The clothing brand, Joe Boxer makes a variety of different clothing materials. Joe boxer makes under garments for both men and women, such as bra's and underwear. Joe boxer also makes bathing suits, socks, robes, and pajamas.

What kind of sneakers are those fat joe is wearing in the make it rain music video?

The kind of sneakers that Fat Joe is wearing in the Make it Rain video areÊAir Jordan 3Êsneakers. The sneakers were "Fire Red."