Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where are all the Pokemon Diamond?


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there are 150 kinds of Pokemon that you can see and/or obtain. Unless you have friend trade you Pokemon that you can only get in pearl to you, you'll never obtain them all. In Pokemon diamond and pearl all you have to do is see the Pokemon and you get its data unlike the older versions where you have to obtain them.


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you have to catch all of the pokemon in diamond or SEE all of the pokemon

get an action replay and find a cheat that lets u find all the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

The only way you can see all the Pokemon on diamond is by going into the GTS and global trade different Pokemon.

You can get Pokemon diamond for PC from

you've gotta be crazy if you think someones gonna write all the Pokemon you can catch in diamond

no you cant get cheat for all the pokemon.

There is a list of all TMs (and HMs) that can be found in Pokemon Diamond in the Related Links section of this answer.

No, not all Pokemon in Diamond can learn Hyper Beam.

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum are all set in the Sinnoh Region

There is no action replay code of getting all of the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond version. But there is an action replay code of getting all Pokemon in the pokedex.

The most powerful Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is the most powerful Pokemon of all too. It is ARCEUS

the Pokemon in diamond are sinnoh Pokemon i suggest to see all of them

get an action replay, get the Pokemon modifier cheat for it, then catch all the Pokemon.

there is not a cheat to get all Pokemon but there is a cheat to get certain Pokemon

I believe it is Pokemon Diamond or Pearl

To get the national dex in diamond, you must see, not catch , all 150 Sinnoh Pokemon.AnswerBy viewing and/or catching all of the Pokemon in Sinohh.

To get all the Pokemon quickly, you have to do the most detestable thing: cheat.

You can not catch any of them in black or white, but I think that you can catch all 3 in diamond.

You do not have to beat Pokemon Diamond to be able to Migrate Pokemon. Although you need to have seen all Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex. which requires seeing all of the Pokemon in the Elite Four

Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond

y could find them all over pokemon diamond,and pearl.

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