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Q: Where are all the places you can catch regigigas in Pokemon lake?
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Where do you find regigigas in Pokemon lake?

u could find him on map 3

In Pokemon lake what do you do to the Pokemon in the center?

kill it or catch it

Where do you find regigigas on Pokemon lake?

first you go to gym and beat everyone. then go to map 3

How do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon lake?

you have to get more then 45 gym to catch legendary Pokemon! deoxys is a legendary Pokemon

How do you catch legends in Pokemon lake?

with a pokeball...

Where can you catch a wild Giratina on Pokemon lake?

you find it at giratina lake

Where are good places to catch a big bass?

There are many great places to catch a big bass fish. Places like, Lake George in Florida, Clear Lake in California, Lake Champlain in New York, and Lake Mead in Nevada.

Where did you catch a plasma Dialga in Pokemon lake?

you catch it at area 16

How do you catch murkrow on Pokemon lake?

To catch a murkrow on Pokemon lake you just have to go to any wildlife map and then get lucky that's all i know

What legendary Pokemon can you catch on Pokemon Diamond?

Rotom in old Chateau, Cresselia around Sinnoh because it flees, Giratina in Turnback cave, Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple, Heatran in Stark Mountain, Phione, Manaphy, Palkia or Dialga on Spear Pillar, Azelf at Lake Valor, Mesprit at Lake Verity then chase through Sinnoh like Cresselia and Uxie at Lake Acuity.

Who do you catch in Pokemon Platinum?

You catch Garatina, Dialga,Palkiia,and all the lake Pokemon but mainly Garatina

Where do you catch Red Gyarados?

In Pokemon Crystal version, you catch it at the Lake of Rage.