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StonesTo get a water stone you must have a Pokemon who knows dive.first go to the abandonded ship and as you go in on your right are three doors go through the MIDDLE one and use dive.when there is light from above go in to all the rooms that you can and pick up the shiny things some will be keys and in 1 room there is a water stone

They are all over the place. Get red shards, green shards, blue shards, and yellow shards. Ask this guy near mossdeep and then he willtrade you with a stone.

AnswerThere are dive spots all over Hoenn. Dive in these spots and some of them will lead to various colloured shards. Trade these shards with 'the hunter' (just off Mossdeep City) for the elemental stones of that colour. Red shard (Fire stone), Blue shard (Water stone), Green shard (Leaf stone) and Yellow shard (Thunder stone). The Sun stone and Moon stones are found elsewhere in the game.

or just buy them in mossdeep department store

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What do the dusk and dawn stones do in diamond?

evolve certain Pokemon

How do you evolve certain Pokemon without trading them?

I would get all the stones you can and then try them all on that certain pokemon.

How do you make pokemon evolve in pokemon black?

Pokemon evolve when you level them up to a certain level, by trading them, by friendship, or by using stones.

What to do with evolution stone?

Evolution stones are used to evolve certain Pokemon.

When do certain Pokemon evolve?

Some Pokemon can only evolve with Evolution Stones. Others can only evolve when traded. Most, though, must reach a certain level to evolve. The rest don't evolve at all.

What do sun stones do?

They evolve certain Pokemon. For example, you can use a Sun Stone on a Gloom to evolve it into a Bellossom.

How do you make Pokemon evolve with stones?

press use on the stone and click on the Pokemon you need to evolve. It'll only work on certain Pokemon though.

What do you do with sun stones in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

evolve certain Pokemon like gloom.

What level do Pokemon evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

It varies from Pokemon to Pokemon levels they evolve on range from: 6-55. Some Pokemon only evolve under certain conditions: Some evolve if exposed to evolutionary stones like a fire stone, Some evolve only if you trade them to a friend, Some Pokemon evolve during trade but only if they hold a certain item like metal coat, Some Pokemon evolve if they have max friendship with there trainer, Some Pokemon evolve during certain times or evolve at certain areas, Some Pokemon will only evolve if there a specific gender.

Can multiple Pokemon evolve at the same time?

Yes you can evolve multiple Pokemon at the same time. The requirements that would be needed is multiple proper evolution stones to evolve the desired Pokemon. Evolutionary stones can be found spread throughout certain areas of the game.

List of of all pokemon that evolve with stones in soulsilver?

witch Pokemon evolve with stones in soul silver

In Pokemon what does a sun stone do?

In the Pokemon games, certain stones cause Pokemon to evolve when held. The Sun Stone will cause Sunkern to evolve into Sunflora, Gloom to evolve into Bellossom, Cottonee to evolve into Whimsicott, Petilil to evolve into Liligant, and Helioptile to evolve into Heliolisk.

Do all Pokemon have to be happy to evolve?

No, various Pokemon need stones, some evolve with certain items, some in a trade, or some just by leveling up.

How do you evolve Eevee in Pokemon crater?

You have to get certain stonesFor example, you need a fire stone for a Flareon

Where do you find a moon stone in Pokemon emerald?

Moon Stones are evolutionary stones that help certain Pokemon evolve. In Pokemon Emerald, these stones can only be found on wild Lunatone which may be captured in Meteor Falls.

What are Dusk Stones Shiny Stones Dawn Stones and Oval stone on Pokemon and were can you get them?

Dusk stones/shiny stones/ dawn stones/and oval stones are items that make certain Pokemon evolve. You can get A dusk stone in the galatic building in veilstone city. you evolve happiny by giveing it a oval stone and lvling it up murkrow evolves with dusk stone you evolve Roselia by using a shiny stone you can evolve togetic with a shiny stone

Stones in water summary?

Water stones make certain types of Pokemon evolve. Don't ask me which kind, I don't know

What do all the stones do in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Stones have many different effects on different Pokemon. If you give a Pokemon the everstone it is prevented from evolving. However, stones can also be used to evolve certain Pokemon. In order for poliwhirl to evolve into poliwrath, you need to give it a water stone. Stones need to be matched to the type of Pokemon you are using them on. Leaf stone to grass types, fire stone to fire types, and thunder stone to electric types and so on. Not all Pokemon evolve using stones. Starters cannot evolve using stones. That's all you need to start evolving Pokemon through stones.

What Pokemon does sunstone evolve?

Stones don't evolve

What stones evolve what Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

it depends what u want to evolve

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky how to evolve?

You must beat the game before you can evolve. Unlock Luminous Spring to evolve. Some pokemon need Certain items to evolve. like stones, Ribbons,etc...

How do you get a Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon pearl?

it matters what Pokemon you mean. Most Pokemon evolve by leveling up, others with stones and items, some by friendship or condition (some at certain times), and still more by trading!

What stones evolve pearl Pokemon?

Well, this may not be helpful, but Fire stones evolve some fire Pokemon... Sun stones also evolve fire Pokemon, (Fire stone, Thunder stone and Water stone also evolve "Eevee", the Pokemon you get after completing sinnoh dex.

Do Pokemon evolve on Pokemon Blue recue team?

Yes. For Pokemon to evolve on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, you must defeat Rayquazza. He will then destroy the meteor that is falling towards the land. After he destroys the meteor, Luminous Cave will open at Whiscash Pond. You can evolve Pokemon there, but some Pokemon need certain requirements. Such as a certain Level, stones, a certain IQ, or ribbons.

What are water stones for on Pokemon SoulSilver?

to evolve certain water type pokemon. Go here: and here: Zygloman

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